Energy Technology 2014. Carbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies. Cong Wang

Техническая литература.

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Energy Technology 2014. Carbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies

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isbn 9781118888001

Автор произведения Cong Wang

Жанр Техническая литература


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

This book addresses the issues, intricacies, and challenges relating to energy and environmental sciences. Papers cover various technological aspects of sustainable energy eco-systems and processes that improve energy efficiency, and reduce and sequestrate carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse emissions. The collection also emphasizes the need for sustainable technologies in extractive metallurgy, materials processing and manufacturing industries with reduced energy consumption and CO2 emission. Industrial energy efficient technologies include innovative ore beneficiation, smelting technologies, recycling and waste heat recovery. The book also carries contributions from all areas of non-nuclear and non-traditional energy sources, including renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biomass. Papers from the following symposia are presented in the book: Energy Technologies and Carbon Dioxide Management High-temperature Material Systems for Energy Conversion and Storage Solar Cell Silicon