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Oil and Oilseed Processing

Ingrid Aguilo-Aguayo

The latest information available on oil and oilseed processing   Oil and Oilseed Processing  offers a comprehensive text that explores both the conventional and novel “green” extraction methods used to extract oils from seeds. The authors—noted experts on the topic—examine the positive aspects of operations in processing oil and oilseeds and present new processing concepts, principles, effects on quality, as well as the stability characteristics, limitations, and challenges.  Due to the economic implications associated with the overproduction of seed oils, the book includes pertinent information on vegetable and animal-derived oils for industrial applications. The authors also explore recent applications and future perspectives for vegetable and animal oils use in the food and non-food industry. Safety concerns regarding oil and oilseed processing and waste valorisation are also covered in-depth. This important guide:  Explores the traditional and new extraction methods used to extract oils from seeds Contains the most up-to-date insight into oil and oilseed processing Focuses on the areas of oil processing, safety, quality, and nutritional evaluation Written for food scientists and professional food technologists,  Oil and Oilseed Processing  is the only book on the market that contains the most recent information on all aspects of oil and oilseed processing.

Гидропривод пресса

Сергей Фёдорович Гаврилов

Эта книга для конструкторов и студентов механиков. В книге подробно описан гидропривод пресса с усилием 1500 тонн. Книга содержит эскизы узлов и деталей гидропривода, близкие к рабочим чертежам и некоторые расчеты гидропривода. Приведены ссылки по которым можно скачать рабочие чертежи гидропривода и добавочную информацию, не вошедшую в книгу. Описанный гидропривод интересен тем, что может быть применен практически на любом гидропрессе без изменения чертежей основных деталей. Гидропривод запущен в работу в 1994 году, работает в три смены по семь дней в неделю и показал себя весьма надежным в работе и успешно работает по сей день. Студенту книга даст материал для дипломной работы.

Intelligent IoT for the Digital World

Yang Sun Yang

Discover how the Internet of Things will change the information and communication technology industry in the next decade  The Intelligent Internet of Things  explores a unique type of Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, for example, the Web of Things (WoT) with its open character that breaks the barriers among various IoT vertical applications. The authors—noted experts on the topic—examine and compare key technologies from physical to platform level, especially the Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology. They discuss applications with different data transmission requirements that are typical to IoT. The text also describes the requirements of WoT applications on 5G and includes detailed information on WoT technologies. The Intelligent Internet of Things  examines   three typical WoT applications: the monitoring application of south-to-north water diversion projects; smart driving applications; and network optimization applications. In addition, the text explores testing and authentication of IoT key technologies, with the required equipment, platform, and outdoor environment development. This important book: Provides information on what IoT/WoT is, when to use it, how to provide IoT services with certain technologies, and more Discusses restful architecture, main protocols (ZigBee, 6lowpan, CoAP, HTML5) Explores key technologies on different layers (sensing, gathering, application) Examines how IoT will change the information and communication technology industry Written for professionals working in IoT development, management and big data analytics,  Intelligent Internet of Things  offers an overview of IoT architecture, key technology, current applications and future development of the technology.