Temple Of The Moon. Sara Craven

Современные любовные романы.

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Temple Of The Moon

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Автор произведения Sara Craven

Жанр Современные любовные романы


Издательство HarperCollins

Mills & Boon proudly presents THE SARA CRAVEN COLLECTION. Sara’s powerful and passionate romances have captivated and thrilled readers all over the world for five decades making her an international bestseller.TEMPLE OF THE MOONSultry nightsNo matter how attractive he was, Gabrielle knew there was no future for her in any relationship with sophisticated cynical Shaun Lennox – just the basic fulfilment of a mutual need. And for her, that was not enough. She was worth more than that!But how to make the bitterly mocking Shaun listen to her? She couldn’t tell what he truly felt. One minute he seemed to regard her as a pretty distraction, the next he was holding her at arm's length with a kind of wary contempt. Yet when he kissed her, she was so tempted…