Bachelor Cop. Gayle Kaye

Современные любовные романы.

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Bachelor Cop

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Автор произведения Gayle Kaye

Жанр Современные любовные романы


Издательство HarperCollins

AWARD OF DISTINCTIONpresented to Officer Whit Tanner, midnight rescuer of lost children and missing mutts, for being the last single guy in the precinct, and intending to stay that way….CITATION OF SEDUCTIONpresented to Jill Harper, divorced mother of four-year-old Brody Harper, for capturing the attention of Officer Tanner, and threatening his bachelorhood….RECOURSE: ROMANCEMix marriage-shy officer with romance-weary mother, add a tiny smattering of wandering dog and matchmaking little boy, toss in some heady kisses and sultry looks, then stand back and wait for hearts to melt…and merge.