Never Trust a Rake. ANNIE BURROWS

Историческая литература.

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Never Trust a Rake

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Автор произведения ANNIE BURROWS

Жанр Историческая литература


Издательство HarperCollins

RUMOUR HAS IT THAT THE EARL OF DEBEN, THE MOST NOTORIOUS RAKE IN LONDON AND IN NEED OF AN HEIR, HAS SET ASIDE HIS PENCHANT FOR MARRIED MISTRESSES AND TURNED HIS SKILLED HAND TO SEDUCING INNOCENTS!But if Lord Deben expects Henrietta Gibson to respond to the click of his fingers he’s got another think coming. For she knows perfectly well why she should avoid gentlemen of his bad repute:1. One touch of his lips and he’ll ruin her for every other man.2. One glide of his skilful fingers to the neckline of her dress will leave her molten in his arms.3. And if even one in a thousand rumours is true, it’s enough for her to know she can never, ever trust a rake…