Portrait of a Scandal. ANNIE BURROWS

Историческая литература.

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Portrait of a Scandal

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Автор произведения ANNIE BURROWS

Жанр Историческая литература


Издательство HarperCollins

HE HAS TAKEN HER TO HEAVEN, HELL AND BACK AGAIN…Her heart and hope long since shattered, Amethyst Dalby is content with her life as an independent woman. With wealth of her own, and no one to answer to, she is free to live as she pleases.Until a trip to Paris throws her into contact with the one man who still has a hold over her–the bitter but still devastatingly sensual Nathan Harcourt! Living as an artist, this highborn gentleman has been brought low by scandal–and he is determined to show Amethyst that life is much more fun if you walk on the dark side…."A beautiful, poignant, sensual story." –RT Book Reviews on A Countess by Christmas