The Rebel Captain's Royalist Bride. Anne Herries

Приключения: прочее.

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The Rebel Captain's Royalist Bride

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Автор произведения Anne Herries

Жанр Приключения: прочее


Издательство HarperCollins

LOVE THINE ENEMY…Orphaned and without protection, Babette Harvey must suffer in silence when her uncle gives shelter to a band of Rebels – though her Royalist blood boils! But other dangerous passions must also be quieted – including those aroused by the handsome and commanding Rebel leader Captain James Colby.When Babette’s talent for herbal medicine attracts suspicions of witchcraft she has nowhere to turn save to Colby – her honourable enemy. And with the Captain determined to claim her as his bride Babette must choose which to betray – her principles or her heart.