Regency Scandal: Some Like It Wicked / Some Like to Shock. Carole Mortimer

Исторические любовные романы.

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Regency Scandal: Some Like It Wicked / Some Like to Shock

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Автор произведения Carole Mortimer

Жанр Исторические любовные романы


Издательство HarperCollins

Some Like It WickedRupert Stirling, Duke of Stratton, has long since acquired the nickname Devil. And with outrageous exploits both in and out of ladies' bedchambers, my, has he earned it!Risqué behaviour is beyond Pandora Maybury, widowed Duchess of Wyndwood – although with her dark secret she’s far too well acquainted with being the subject of ribald gossip for her liking. If only the Ton knew just how innocent she really was… including Rupert who, after rescuing her from a compromising situation, seems intent on wickedly compromising her himself!Some Like to ShockGenevieve Forster, widowed Duchess of Woollerton, knows only too well the need for bravado. After a miserable marriage, she’s wary, but deep down yearns to pursue temptation…With his air of danger and elusiveness, it’s little wonder that Lord Benedict Lucas is known to his close friends and enemies alike simply as Lucifer. Shocking the strait-laced Ton holds no fear for him. And the pleasure will be all his as he skilfully uncovers Genevieve’s outrageous side!