Under my boss' table. Emilia Dark

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Название Under my boss' table
Автор произведения Emilia Dark
Жанр Эротическая литература
Издательство Эротическая литература
Год выпуска 2021

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      I have always despised women who separated husbands from their families and entered into relationships with married men. But it happened that I became like this.

      It just so happened that a few months ago I got a job at a very prestigious company. I gave myself to work totally and completely. I was interested in joining a new team and making new acquaintances. But above all I was interested in him, my boss.

      His name was Edward, he was an exceptional and very handsome man. At first it seemed to me that he was always angry and unhappy with life, but on looking closer, I noticed that he could be fun and interesting.

      Of course, he didn't pay attention to me at first, even though our offices were located opposite to each other. But after a while it seemed to me that sometimes he would not stop looking at me.

      At first I tried to calm down, but then I was absolutely convinced that he was looking at my body as he passed by!

      Then, he noticed me! What was he experiencing? Yes, I was in seventh heaven! On top of it all, he personally began teaching me and explaining to me some of the subtleties of the job and the nuances associated with company activities. And then I definitely managed to understand that he liked me and that he was trying to start an affair with me. But as it turned out a bit later, it was just my imagination.

      His attitude towards me was purely professional and he helped me only because he was interested in the prosperity of the company. As my colleagues told me, he had a wonderful young wife, whom he loved madly.

      He didn't notice any woman at all, except his wife. And I, in turn, went crazy for him. I'd be a fool to forget him, but I couldn't sleep or eat at all. He became my obsession!

      And I was so mad that all my clues were being ignored! I understood that he was faithful to his wife, and I had always respected those men, but not in Edward's case…

      It seemed to me that this simply could not happen, because all men cheat on their wives. At least in dreams! Had he ever even thought about trying to start a relationship with another woman? What if I turned out to be better than his wife?

      Dreams, dreams… My libido haunted me, day and night I thought about him, went crazy and imagined how we would be together! I dreamed that he would leave his wife and become mine! I didn't care that he was married.

      I really wanted to become his lover, well, at least once! I mentally pictured myself in his strong male embrace, in the touch of his hands and lips. I fell asleep and woke up thinking about him. I thought of various plans on how to approach him, but didn't dare.

      Four months later, I was still going crazy for my boss. And then there was an opportunity: his birthday. It was planned that at night the whole team would be invited to the restaurant and there I would put all my charm to work! I was going to do my best to get him!

      I did my hair nicely and put on a sexy open-back dress. Of course, he was present at the restaurant with his wife.

      I wanted to sink to the ground of jealousy! I was burning with envy for her! She wasn't ugly, but she couldn't be called too beautiful either. So there she was, a normal girl, of which there are so many.

      Throwing my wicked glances, I soon found myself thinking that I was so addicted to the boss that I couldn't imagine my life without him. Between us there was only her, his beloved wife.

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