Capture. Flora Dain

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Название Capture
Автор произведения Flora Dain
Жанр Зарубежный юмор
Издательство Зарубежный юмор
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9780007579600

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      Flora Dain




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      Nowadays all it takes is a look.

      It’s New Year’s Eve. We’re having a Ball – literally. But a man keeps looking at me from across the room. Nothing too obvious, just catching my eye every now and then. But it’s very disturbing.

      Correction – he’s very disturbing.

      I should be pleased. People should look. It’s a gala occasion. I’m wearing a gown that cost more than I earn and jewels way out of my league. We’re a blitz of glitz here – New York’s Four Seasons at its finest.

      Darnley never does things by halves.

      The guests are the cream of the East Coast courtesy of his family, a shot of early-settler blueblood from mine, plus a sprinkling of West Coast celebs from his brother Eldon’s on-off movie contacts.

      But that man’s gaze is deep and dark. Very unsettling.

      I’m trying to be civilised. I’m a professional person. I should have more self-control, not come apart at one look.

      He’s noticed. He’s coming over.

      His gaze sweeps over me as he prowls through the guests. The crowd melts before him. Somewhere deep inside, so do I.

      I should call security.

      Wait. He is security.

      ‘Ready?’ His voice is like hot velvet.

      A prickle of fear raises the down on my arms.

      ‘I’ll take that as a yes.’ The heat in his eyes makes me shiver. So does the touch of his hand on mine