Cytaty z młodości. Wacław Krupiński

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Название Cytaty z młodości
Автор произведения Wacław Krupiński
Жанр Эссе
Издательство Эссе
Год выпуска 0
isbn 978-83-242-6490-2

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       The New Naturalist Library




      Max Walters, ScD, VMH

      Professor Richard West, ScD, FRS

      David Streeter, FIBiol

      Sarah A. Corbet

      Derek Ratcliffe

      The aim of this series is to interest the general reader in the wildlife of Britain by recapturing the enquiring spirit of the old naturalists. The editors believe that the natural pride of the British public in the native flora and fauna, to which must be added concern for their conservation, is best fostered by maintaining a high standard of accuracy combined with clarity of exposition in presenting the results of modern scientific research.


      A cave spider Porhomma convexum stalks across the floor of GB Cave on Mendip. Above it, a fungus gnat Speolepta leptogaster hangs in a spreading fungal mycelium. (Philip Chapman)


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      Dedicated to the memory of

      Dr G.T. ‘Jeff’ Jefferson

      a dear colleague and friend



       Title Page

       2. The Cave Habitat

       What is a cave?

       What lives in caves?

       Caves in Limestone

       Types of cave habitat

       Food supply


       3. Limestone Caves in Britain and Ireland

       Karst: the landscape of caves

       Caves in Britain and Ireland



       South Wales

       Derbyshire’s Peak District



       Other areas

       4. Cave Fauna and Flora

       The origin and classification of cavernicoles

       Life on the threshold

       A place of shelter

       Waifs and strays

       Denizens of darkness


       5. Cave Communities

       The wall association

       Terrestrial mud bank community


       Pool surface associations

       Freshwater stream communities

       6. Caves Through the Pleistocene

       The age of ice

       Pleistocene survivors and recent colonists


       7. The Future of Caves

       Cave conservation and the caver

       External threats to caves, groundwater pollution and public safety

       Impact of human activity on cave faunas

       Conservation of cave-roosting bats

       Limestone quarrying

       Acid rain, caves and flue gas desulphurization