The Illustrated History of Triumph Sports and Racing Cars. G. William Krause

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Название The Illustrated History of Triumph Sports and Racing Cars
Автор произведения G. William Krause
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isbn 9781613254417

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      Title: The illustrated history of Triumph sports and racing cars / G. William


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      Front Cover: Introduced in 1961, the Triumph TR4 was the successor to the immensely popular sidescreen TR3s of the previous decade. The new models were designed by Italian Giovanni Michelotti and featured roll-up windows, better cockpit ventilation, and a much roomier trunk. The modern conveniences coupled with the contemporary styling made the new Triumph the most successful model to date.

      Frontispiece: This 1956 TR3 illustrates the most significant design difference from the TR2. The egg-crate grille was brought forward to be flush with the front apron and trimmed to look more finished. A subsequent redesign of the apron for the TR3A explains why these cars are referred to as “small-mouth” 3s.

       Title Page: TR3As on the assembly line in Coventry. This photo illustrates how the cars were bolted together from the inside out. The Girling disc brakes on the car in the foreground are being bled. (Photo Courtesy British Motor Industry Heritage Trust)

       Table of Contents: The introduction of the final version of the GT6 was in 1970. Now known as Mark 3 around the world, the redesign brought the styling elements of the body in line with the rest of the Triumph line. The rear panel was used primarily on Spitfire Mark IV and Stag. The competition-style fuel cap was downsized and relocated to the left rear fender. This studio shot also features the new steel wheels with stamped fins. (Photo Courtesy British Motor Industry Heritage Trust)

       Back Cover Photos

       Top: Two common denominators are consistent throughout the history of Triumph’s sports cars: short on time and short of capital. Yet somehow each successive car bested the previous model in style and appeal. The TR6 was no exception. The stunning design completely masked the fact that the center tub and many chassis components were carried forward from the TR250. (Photo Courtesy Classic Car Garage)

      Middle Left: At long last an 8-cylinder version of the Wedge was announced for 1978. The TR8 featured the same handsome good looks, wind in the hair, and kick-in-the-pants performance that were hallmarks of the first TRs.

       Middle Right: A removable hardtop was available on Spitfire from its inception. Two bolts on the windshield header and a few more at the back of the cockpit were all that needed to be tightened, and the car was airtight, although slightly claustrophobic. Here, a young couple illustrates the ease of installation. (Photo Courtesy British Motor Industry Heritage Trust)




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       Chapter 1: Siegfried Bettmann and a Motorized Bicycle

       Chapter 2: Triumph’s First Sports Car

       Chapter 3: The Italian Job