Lady Diana – Top Secret. Sergio Felleti

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Название Lady Diana – Top Secret
Автор произведения Sergio Felleti
Жанр Биографии и Мемуары
Издательство Биографии и Мемуары
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9788873041498

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      Author | Sergio Felleti

      ISBN | 9781521364819

      ISBN Agency: International Standard Book Number – AIE- Italian Publisher's Association - EDISER srl – Milan – Italy.

      Â© All rights reserved to the Author ® - © copyright – Worldwide ®

      Nothing in this book can be reproduced without previous consent of the author.

      Any possible mistakes or imprecision in this book do not involve the Editor or the Author's responsibility, having them placed the maximum care in the preparation and reproduction of the documents.


      Nothing of what happens can remain hidden forever, in fact, within a number of decades to come, in addition to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), a special UN secret archive, under the supervision of a General Assembly, will give the resolution to Top Secret documents, revealing the one true cause of the sudden death of the Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer. Like a valuable handbook, the literary content of this book aims to anticipate the times by explaining to you, right now, what everyone calls ”The big unsolvable mystery about Lady Diana's death.”

      With a particular intellectual criterion, our long investigations have been meticulously performed using, among other things, some last generation, sophisticated investigative techniques. About the tragic death of Princess Diana, it will be easy for the reader to identify the exact identity of the true main instigator and his accomplices (although not directly mentioned) with all their names and surnames. In addition, the content of the motive will be clear, the procedures performed during the deadly attack and every other small detail of what has escaped to the eyes of the best investigators.

      Despite being an abbreviated summary of the first edition of the complete book: ”I am Lady Diana”, this book will explore directly and in a clearer way, the occult world of that incomparable truth, the only one existing, and that only a few individuals know. Yes, this is the revelation and the cornerstone of the reality that some powerful leaders involved have held secret to escape true Justice and unbiased equity, virtue of popular Sovereignty.


      Â«I don't go by a rule book, because I lead from the heart, not the head, and that's got me into trouble in my work.»


      â–ª What and who caused the death of Lady Diana and her last companion Dodi Al-Fayed?

      â–ª Where they the victims of a fatal accidental car crash, or were they murdered through a precise and well organized plot?

      â–ª What evidence is there to justify it being an inadvertent accident and what demonstrates that it was the result of a premeditated conspiracy?

      â–ª And if they were victims of an assassination through a calculated scheme, who was the killer and how did he act?

      â–ª Who was his client?

      â–ª Was someone from the Royal House of Windsor or from the British Government involved?

      â–ª Were it the secret services of some nation or was it a group of ruthless terrorists?

      â–ª Perhaps some enemy of Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi?

      â–ª Was it some lone unscrupulous person who was at the Ritz that night?

      â–ª Or some rich man who wanted to have Diana only for one night?

      â–ª Did Diana have dangerous enemies?

      â–ª How much is to blame to the paparazzi who were harassing her?

      â–ª is it possible that the instigators were two, not just one?

      â–ª Is it possible that one of the two instigators wanted to kill Diana, while the other wanted to save her, kidnapping her (without Diana's knowledge) and bringing her back to London, safe and sound, before the beginning of the attack?

      â–ª Is it possible hat this alleged attacker just wanted to stop her, but not to kill her?

      â–ª Or, perhaps, he/she just wanted to scare or kill Dodi and not Diana?

      â–ª What could have been the real reason to cause damage to Diana?

      â–ª It is possible that the motive was only based on unverified rumours?

      â–ª Was Diana really pregnant?

      â–ª Was the driver really drunk?

      â–ª Had the Mercedes been tampered with?

      â–ª Diana died after the accident, but was it because of the injuries or because of a mistake?

      â–ª It is possible that the murder took place later, at the hospital?

      How could someone prove the accuracy

      of the events?

      Rarely any passage in a book, magazines, publications, newspaper article, film, documentaries, news bulletins on the radio or TV and television programs, together with all official and private judicial inquiries concerning legendary Princess Diana, was able to reveal or to find a safe lead, which would confirm the cause, dynamic and possible architect of her death 100%. Yes, it seems that “Diana's Case” is the biggest insolvable mystery of this century. For dreamers, it is a sad novel ended badly, but it is actually a very serious drama, a complex police topic difficult to clarify. According to the authors of many books it is an extremely mysterious story, and it will remain so forever.

      Almost every writer expresses his probable theory, culprits and his dynamic of the facts, just assumptions and judicious concepts regarding the tragedy, that could have happened in a way instead of the other. Almost all the thousand media that spread to the world the news about the cause of Diana's death used words of uncertainty, hypothesis, theories, possibility, opinions, much speculation and never anything concrete, definitive, certain or about a precise and specific event happened.

      Renowned authors say and write that true detective stories should never reveal the identity of the killer, but did we really find the culprit? Or are we making our readers believe we know the criminal's identity, hiding behind the fact that with this being our an investigative book, this prevents us from communicating or writing his name in capital letters?

      The book about Diana you are holding in your hand is very different from others. Of course, even for us it was sometimes inevitable to use “maybe” and “might”, not only for a matter of personal safety, but also because of right and proper concerning of the dangers of how guesswork, axioms and the infinite possibilities, should be presented to obtain accurate and precise results.

      But as you will see in the entirety of the following chapters, using a refined knowledge of information contexts scattered here and there, and by joining their direct and indirect connections, adding knowledgeable captions, we managed to present a mystery with a final general ending of 99%, and in