Vampire Gemini. Amy Blankenship

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Название Vampire Gemini
Автор произведения Amy Blankenship
Жанр Зарубежные любовные романы
Издательство Зарубежные любовные романы
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9788873042075

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      Vampire Gemini

      The Guardian Heart Crystal Series Book 6

      Amy Blankenship, RK Melton

      Copyright © 2010 Amy Blankenship

      English Edition Published by Amy Blankenship

      Second Edition Published by TekTime

      All rights reserved.

      Chapter 1 “Dangerous Things”

      Tasuki watched as Kyoko rose up and leaned across the table to reach for the medieval-looking book he had opened in front of him. His amethyst eyes nearly glowed as her already low-cut shirt loosened and sagged on her shoulders before she righted her body. He was sure he would forever have the tantalizing vision of Kyoko’s cleavage with the barest hint of black lace peeking out at him.

      He blinked then pointed at the passage on the page he’d been telling her about. He smiled softly as their eyes met briefly but he had already forgotten what he’d been saying, so he just let her read. Tasuki squirmed a bit in his chair trying to make his discomfort disappear but just that one innocent peek had made his veins race with fire, and all that heat was making his jeans tight.

      His amethyst eyes darkened attractively as he filed the picture away for later. “You know Kyoko, one day we will be married… because both of us know I am the only guy who would be crazy enough to think this is a hot date.” It was supposed to be a joke but the huskiness of his voice gave away his true feelings.

      Kyoko flashed her emerald eyes up at him. He was probably right… though she didn’t admit it, or deny it, and that seemed to suit him just fine. Most of the time they were out this late together… they were killing vampires or at least walking around in the dark making good targets for them.

      It was only within the last few months that he’d started pressing the issue… everyone had labeled them boyfriend and girlfriend for as long as she could remember, even though he had never asked and she had never agreed… only now he wanted to add hormones to the mix.

      She nearly jumped out of her chair when half the lights within the library flickered off. The first thought that went through her mind was that some scheming demon had caught her not paying attention. She heard distant voices and it dawned on her that the library was just closing down for the night. They were supposed to have left over an hour ago but the people who worked there always stayed late.

      â€œCome on Kyoko, it's time to find the exit before it gets locked,” Tasuki whispered, as he took her hand and quickly led her out of the building without anyone noticing they were there after hours. Part of him wondered if getting locked in with Kyoko overnight would be such a bad thing.

      Once out in the parking lot, Kyoko’s steps slowed as she looked up at the sky seeing the eeriness of the cloud formation around the moon. She wasn’t superstitious but it reminded her of the night scenes straight out of the horror movies… the kind of movies that gave her the wiggly-boos.

      She didn’t need Hollywood magic to feel the shift between good and evil. It would be a good idea for Tasuki to go straight home. He was a great fighter but she depended more on her instinct, and it was telling her to get him out of there… the problem would be in getting him to agree to leave.

      When they reached his car, Kyoko looked up into his strangely lit eyes knowing he was the only one besides her grandfather that actually knew her secret. She trusted him enough to let him come along on a lot of the demon hunts. He could hold his own and never once had he given her secret away or let her down. Like today, they had looked up demons of all kinds in the newest books in the huge library. No one bothered them as they hid out in a secluded corner… and they’d had fun for hours.

      â€œGet in. I’ll drop you off at your house Kyoko.” Tasuki held the door open for her. They were standing so close it would have been simple to lean down and kiss her, and in his mind that was just what he was doing.

      Knowing it would throw him off, Kyoko leaned up and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “No, that’s alright. My grandfather will be here any minute to pick me up and I don’t want him to see us out here alone together, so you go… but call me when you get home so that I know you made it safely.” She smiled sweetly at him hoping he wouldn’t argue. Besides, he knew how overprotective her grandfather could be.

      Tasuki looked around hoping he wouldn’t see her grandfather’s old truck parked somewhere in the shadows. He sighed gratefully when he counted only three cars. The old man had caught them together last weekend coming back from a midnight hunt at the cemetery and threatened his anatomy. The muscles in Tasuki’s jaw flexed knowing he would never get anywhere with her if he didn’t stand up to her guard dog of a grandpa.

      Glancing back down at her, he raised his fingers to his lips still feeling the heat of hers and nodded. “Okay Kyoko… but if it’s all the same, I’ll wait here with you.” He gave her a mischievous smirk, “You never know what kind of creepy monsters are lurking in the darkness ready to attack.” He grinned just before he pounced toward his friend in mock humor… making her giggle and run just out of his reach.

      â€œTasuki come on, I’ll be fine.” She couldn’t help the excitement that leapt into her eyes as she backed up and he followed… stalking her with heat shimmering in his amethyst gaze. Since he had started letting his hair grow, it had become wild, very dark, with blue highlights, and the dangling cross earring had transformed his looks from college prep to bad boy eye candy. It was getting harder for her to look away.

      Tasuki shook his head as he closed the distance between them, “And give someone else the chance to pounce you?” His voice became a touch darker, “I don’t think so.”

      â€œLike you have dibs on who pounces,” Kyoko exclaimed, feeling things start to tighten in her lower abs and upper thighs.

      â€œActually I do,” Tasuki said with a bit of pride in his voice. “I have dibs on dibs.”

      Kyoko laughed and shook her head before pointing in the general direction of Tasuki’s house. She liked this cat and mouse game a little too much tonight, and knew she had to put a stop to it before the speed limit got changed. “Tasuki… home… now.”

      â€œI love it when you go all dominatrix on me but…” Tasuki said as his eyes darkened attractively. “You should know that’s not gonna work.”

      â€œDang it!” Kyoko said stomping her foot because he was getting closer, and she wanted him to get closer. “Remember what happened the last time Grandpa found us out together this late? Do you really want to lose that!?” she demanded, pointing at his crotch. As soon as she looked at what she was pointing at, she gulped… seeing it straining against the fabric.

      Tasuki growled, “Not really but…” He looked at her and grinned. “I’m starting to think it’s worth the risk.”

      Kyoko yelped when Tasuki sprung forward again… and this time she found herself pressed up against the side of his car. Her emerald eyes were wide but unafraid and her fingers tightened very slightly on his jacket-covered arms. She could feel the flexing of his muscles underneath her fingers as he tightened around her.

      Tasuki watched her deep green eyes become stormy with passion and lowered his head until his lips rested against the soft skin of her neck. He felt a thrill run through his body and settle in his groin… where it caused pain that felt really good. Unable to resist the temptation, Tasuki nibbled on her neck. His body pressed up against hers and he groaned when her long legs parted slightly, granting his thigh access. He quickly slid one of his thighs between hers as he leaned against her.

      â€œWhat are you doing?” she whispered, unable to stop him… not wanting to stop him.

      Tasuki pressed his thigh up against her core lifting the young woman up until her toes barely touched the ground. He groaned when he heard Kyoko whimper softly, and kissed a long slow trail from her neck to her lips.