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    Cammie, Orestes And John Charles' Carrots

    Matteo Orlandi

    A fairy tale for children and adults. Who said that from the sad facts of life you can not be reborn stronger than before? A fairy tale for children and adults. Who said that from the sad facts of life you can not be reborn stronger than before? The wizard Scarfutur demolishes the beautiful Cosmopolis where Cammie lives with her animals. Only the dachshund Orestes and the donkey Lewis will believe in the reconstruction…

    The Mistery Of The Book

    Angelo Grassia

    The lucky occasion with Sabrina, a beautiful girl known by chance at Gaeta on a hot August day, transforms Paki's life. Thanks to her, Paki goes to a flea market. There he meets a wardrobe who, attracted by his sympathy, decides to give him a typewriter. At first Paki refuses, but given his insistence, he is forced to accept. That book reveals to him a great mystery. As soon as he start reading it, Paki is faced with extraordinary events, events that in a certain sense will change his life. Sometimes in life you are faced with things or facts really inexplicable.

    My Soul Cries

    Lisa Masoni

    ”She is Emily, Emily Marchionne: my life and my joy” in the book there are two interwoven stories between autobiography and romantic and dramatic tale. With an important message. In the first story we find Simone De Rosi, a sensitive guy, a dreamer who believes in love. Funny, dramatic situations are created around him that will change his life. In the course of the story he will fall by Emily Marchionne. In the second story appears Giorgio, a quiet boy, who was also a dreamer, who hopes to meet his rematch in love. It will cross the passions of protagonists, projects for the music, all narrated by a particular place and a particular person, which intrudes into the plots of the stories; to make sure everything goes the right way, but comes to terms with himself. The novel deals with various issues. It's an autobiography, in fact there are events in the two stories actually lived, but also fictitious events. It's psychological because enters the hard ”Pathology” of bipolar disorder, a shadow that falls on people that is really hard to pinpoint and then ”treat”. More generally it's romantic, because the love story of the characters is crucial in the evolution of the latter. And of course is dramatic because it happen get very sad, that disrupt the lives of the protagonists. Can easily identify with them because the author is a young man who has tried the emotions and experiences that for better or worse we all lived. What dumbfounding, in a good way, is that reading page after page we ask ourselves what message or shall we say the moral of the text. Probably each of us will do a different effect. Curiosity will push to read line after line, devouring every word.

    A Year Of Sex Fantasy Tales

    Juan Salanova

    12 stories, 12 characters, 6 men, 6 women. It begins in 2015 and each story represents a country further east and 10 years before the previous one, until it goes around the world. In all of them, sex beats as a life force. Beat by beat, full of bodily sensitivity, twelve characters, six women and six men, enter worlds where reason is overwhelmed by passion, diving into the past on a continuous journey to the east. At every stop you will face real people, patients with social diseases that make our planet such a complex and sometimes inhospitable world. Sex made into fantasy as a vital impulse will be the constant that will animate the development of your existence. An impressive voyeuristic visit to the last century of our history.

    Doubts From The Past

    Antonio De Vito

    Two youths, Sam and Stacie, live College years in full symbiosis. Year in and year out, circumstances and ambitions change. The two main characters separate and live two parallel lives. After some time, coincidentally, their fates will cross again but the background is no longer the carefree time of the College.

    Food Counselling. How To Motivate People To Change Eating Habits

    Roberta Graziano

    According to the World Health Organization ”counselling is a process that, through dialogue and interaction, helps people to solve their problems and make decisions.

    Bleiki The Viking Mouse And The Conquest Of Highlands

    Fabio Pozzoni

    Bleiki is the Viking white mouse with real horns that, left behind by his family, is raised by Trolls. He left his adoptive parents to go to find friends, he is being ostracized, and he begins his adventure with Vikings until colonize Scottish Highlands. It's a fairy tale with Viking original names, and invented names for Trolls. The book is full of images, all of it blazes with actions, and it has historical and geographic references. It's a perfect combination and co-ordination between fantasy and reality. It's indicated for children 6 through 10 years of age.

    Two Drops Of Water

    Nicola Rocca

    Chantal has had a disastrous year. She's lost her job and her mother, seen her father descend into alcoholism and been cheated on by the love of her life. Down on her luck, opportunity knocks when she starts chatting online to Alfredo, who offers her a job at his B&B in Tuscany. Chantal falls for Alfredo and thinks she has found happiness again, but when she hears there is a maniac on the loose who preys on the girls who work at the B&B, she is thrust into a living nightmare. Hundreds of miles from home and gripped with fear, Chantal must decide who to trust amid a tangled web of rumours, lies and a terrible, horrifying secret… Chantal, or SadChantal as she’s known in online chat rooms, is thirty-three. She’s going through the darkest time of her life; absolutely nothing is going her way. She’s out of work and living on benefits because her Economics degree is totally worthless, her father is in rehab after the death of her mother and the love of her life, Giulio, has left her for a younger woman. She’s down on her luck but made of tough stuff. She can hardly make plans on €400 a month, but when she begins chatting online to Alfredo (AlfreDario74), her luck appears to change. He’s looking for a factotum for the new season at his B&B in Tuscany. Chantal decides to turn her back on her old life and accepts the job. She nearly dies en route and encounters a witch-like old woman when she arrives. On eventually locating the B&B, she discovers it is totally isolated, gloomy and run-down. She wants to turn straight back around and head home, but she can’t face another seven hours in the car. She resolves to go home the next day but changes her mind after meeting Alfredo. He’s well-educated, polite, kind and immediately puts her at ease. What’s more, he’s very, very cute. As Chantal and Alfredo get to work on the B&B, they become close and begin a relationship that gradually moves beyond sex. Chantal has rediscovered herself and her joie de vivre. One day, however, her world is rocked when people in the village tell her that the B&B is cursed. A girl like her is hired every year, and every year the girl disappears. Someone is kidnapping, raping and killing these girls, and some people think it’s Alfredo. Life at the B&B is no longer the same. Chantal lives in fear and keeps a close eye on Alfredo. Are the rumours true? Could the man she has fallen in love with really be a killer? Is he what he seems, or is there a monster behind the mask? Chantal decides she won’t leave until she has all the answers, but it won’t be easy: one false step could be her last. Two Drops of Water is a psychological thriller that plays with emotions, feelings and states of mind. Who can you trust? Who is good and who is evil? Sometimes it’s impossible to tell because the two are separated by the finest of fine lines. So fine as to be imperceptible. Sometimes, evil is within us. Other times, it’s in those to whom we are closest.

    Alzheimerova Bolest – I

    Dr. Juan Moisés De La Serna

    Što je? Koji su njezini uzroci? Koje posljedice donose? Otkrijte sve ključeve Alzheimerove bolesti. Alzheimerova bolest je povećana s obzirom na broj slučajeva koji su pogođeni posljednjih godina, što je pak dovelo do pojave mnogih pitanja kada osoba ili član obitelji primi dijagnozu, kao što su: što je to Alzheimerova bolest? Kakvo je to podrijetlo? Postoji li liječenje? Kako se bolest razvija? Koje posljedice to uzrokuje u svakodnevnom životu? Koji su psihološki učinci na pacijenta? Možete li prevladati? Je li prenesena djeci? To otvara taljenje pitanja koja pokušavaju smiriti nesigurnost koja vodi do spoznaje da netko boluje od bolesti koja je ”zajednička” i proširena, a čiji je poznat samo najnoviji znanstveni napredak, zbog dobre dio složenosti tehničkog jezika koji se koristi, ali i zato što ti napredak obično dolaze samo stručnjacima kroz sastanke i konferencije u kojima se dijele ove vrste informacija.

    海勒姆兄弟情谊: 以西结的寺庙之预言

    William Hanna

    ”海勒姆兄弟情谊: 以西结的寺庙之预言”以仇恨和暴力为背景,讨论了以色列对巴勒斯坦人进行种族清洗的问题,并讨论了中东地区的种族主义危害人类罪。这本小说跟随记者康拉德·班纳(Conrad Banner),受到他父亲马克,马克,(一位作家和外国记者)的影响,因为他报道了中东地区而获得众多新闻奖项。他正在拍摄一部关于近七十年的冲突的事实公正的纪录片非法和经常野蛮的占领。仇恨和暴力也主要是由以色列对巴勒斯坦土着人民的种族清洗引起的;他们的反人类罪被一种被称为哈巴拉的宣传或“解释”所粉饰。这种宣传是针对国际观众,以积极的态度描绘以色列的有争议的行动和政策,同时对整个阿拉伯人,特别是巴勒斯坦人提供负面的描绘。与犹太人的活动家亚当·佩尔茨(Adam Peltz)和巴勒斯坦的指挥萨米·哈达维(Sami Hadawi)一起,康拉德的努力是不受欢迎的,并且常常导致危险的并最终致命的后果。小说的动机是以色列公然否认包括儿童在内的数百万巴勒斯坦人的基本人权。所谓西方的”民主国家”的双重标准,这种无休止的迫害是虚伪地容忍的。探索文化,种族主义,宗教和暴力的主题,汉娜带来了引人注目的斗争和分裂的故事。