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    Clinical Anatomy. Applied Anatomy for Students and Junior Doctors

    Harold Ellis

    Now in its fourteenth edition, Clinical Anatomy is the definitive text offering medical students, postgraduate trainees and junior doctors the anatomical information they need to succeed in a clinical setting. Professor Harold Ellis and Professor Vishy Mahadevan provide an accessible, comprehensive, and detailed exploration of anatomy, specifically designed for students and trainees at all levels. Revised and updated, the fourteenth edition contains more information about the nervous system as well as medical images, diagrams and photographs that are overlaid with anatomical illustrations, revealing detailed surface anatomy. This edition: Puts greater emphasis on clinical relevance and contains more content for non-surgical trainees Offers a variety of illustrative clinical scenario case studies Contains many more medical images and diagrams such as CT and MRI Presents expanded information on the nervous system Includes a companion website that contains digital flashcards of all the illustrations and photographs presented in the book Written for medical students, junior doctors, and those studying for The Royal College of Surgeons examinations, the new edition of Clinical Anatomy continues to be an essential resource for understanding the basics of clinical anatomy.

    Fuel Cells, Solar Panels, and Storage Devices. Materials and Methods

    Johannes Fink Karl

    This book focuses on the materials used for fuel cells, solar panels, and storage devices, such as rechargeable batteries. Fuel cell devices, such as direct methanol fuel cells, direct ethanol fuel cells, direct urea fuel cells, as well as biological fuel cells and the electrolytes, membranes, and catalysts used there are detailed. Separate chapters are devoted to polymer electrode materials and membranes. With regard to solar cells, the types of solar cells are detailed, such as inorganic-organic hybrid solar cells, solar powered biological fuel cells, heterojunction cells, multi-junction cells, and others. Also, the fabrication methods are described. Further, the electrolytes, membranes, and catalysts used there are detailed. The section that is dealing with rechargeable batteries explains the types of rechargeable devices, such as aluminum-based batteries, zinc batteries, magnesium batteries, and lithium batteries. Materials that are used for cathodes, anodes and electrolytes are detailed. The text focuses on the basic issues and also the literature of the past decade. Beyond education, this book may serve the needs of polymer specialists as well as other specialists, e.g., materials scientists, electrochemical engineers, etc., who have only a passing knowledge of these issues, but need to know more.

    PHR and SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification Complete Practice Tests. 2018 Exams

    Sandra Reed M.

    1,000 challenging practice questions to prepare for the PHR and SPHR exams! PHR/SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification Practice Tests is the ideal complement to the PHR/SPHR Study Guide, Fifth Edition, PHR/SPHR Deluxe Study Guide, Second Edition, and Review Guide. These self-study guides are intended for HR professionals seeking to validate their skills and knowledge acquired through years of practical experience, or for relative newcomers to the HR field looking to strengthen their resume. These Practice Tests were developed to help certification candidates prepare for these challenging exams, especially for those needing more practice to review or refresh their knowledge right before exam day. The book aligns with A Guide to the Human Resource Body of Knowledge™ (HRBoK™), which details the responsibilities of and knowledge needed by today's HR professionals. Practice Tests reflect the critical HR topics that you need to understand as you prepare for the PHR and SPHRexams. • Business Management and Strategy • Workforce Planning and Employment • Human Resource Development • Risk Management and more Plus, you’ll get a year of FREE access to the interactive online learning environment and test bank, which includes full-length tests and practice exams—1,000 practice questions total!