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The Creed of the Archangel


The creatures of Akkolon need divine protection… from a divine force. The Archangel Remliel up against her brother, Tatrasiel. Light against darkness. Who will win the fight? And who will give up the world to the other?

A Promise Kept

Barbara Jeffs

Millionaire businessman Dominic Farrell wants a son and heir but has no wish to marry. When he discovers one of his employees is in desperate need of money he offers her a bargain – a marriage of convenience and a baby in exchange for a payment of cash. Rebecca cannot believe her luck and jumps at the chance to solve all her money problems. But the marriage ends in disaster when Rebecca loses her baby and disappears from his life. Now five years later Rebecca is returning to Sydney to arrange a meeting with Dominic. She fled from their marriage a disheartened, traumatized girl. Today, she is returning a self-confident, independent woman. What will Dominic think of this new Rebecca?

Veronica Tries to be Good, Again

Michael K Freundt

Continuing the story of Veronica Souter, single mum, freelance psychologist, fighting for her freedom, for her son, and space for a man in her life. WHat she doesn't expect is that the man she wants is promised to someone else. Again her life is threatened.

How to be a Good Veronica

Michael K Freundt

Veronica is a single mum, a freelance psychologist who allows herself to use sex as a professional tool, and who is looking for a man; not just for her but also for her 10 year old son, Jack. She finds one, but isn't prepared for a few more to come sniffing around like hounds after a scent. When her work takes her into life-threatening territory which one of these men will save her … or is she on her own?

City Traffic

Iesha Renee

Chloe Fields is a former detective for the Houston Police Department. In one critical moment she made a fatal mistake, ending her career. She was shamed by the city that she loved and left to struggle in the streets alone. Without a job in sight or a penny in her possession. She had no choice but to strip to survive. After getting the job, Chloe finds herself in even more trouble; when one of her stripper friends turns up dead or missing.

Лорд Даркнер

Артур Сергеевич Саламатов

Книга расскажет Вам историю обычного пекаря, по счастливой (или нет) случайности ставшего генералом армии Владыки Демонов. Будет ли сложен путь величия? Или он поддастся на уловки других созданий наполнивших этот мир?

Blue Label

Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles

“One part Scheherazade, two parts Boccaccio, a twist of Bolaño, and a dash of bitters. Blue Label is intoxicating, hilarious, and the best novel on the calamity that is today’s Venezuela.”—Carmen Boullosa "This deftly and idiomatically translated novel . . . a quest of sorts, as a high school student in Chávez's Venezuela tries to make sense of love and life . . . packs a punch on many levels: personal, political, and even mythic." —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Eugenia Blanc, a young Caraqueñan and quintessential teenager at war with the world around her, has one aim: after graduating from high school, to abandon Venezuela definitively. She embarks on a spontaneous road trip in a banged-up Fiat with her rebellious classmate Luis Tévez, in search of her grandfather, the one person who can provide her with the documents that would allow her to leave the country. While Eugenia and Luis’s tentative, troubled romance unfolds during the Chávez era, the story also looks back at Venezuela’s “lost decade” of the 1990s, a time of intractable violence, inequality, corruption, and instability that led to Chávez’s election. With an unvarnished fluidity that brings to mind Jack Kerouac and a crazy-ass playlist that ranges from REM to Bob Dylan to El Canto del Loco to Shakira, Blue Label is an audacious, dark novel with a gut-punch of an ending; the prize-winning first book by a writer who has cemented his reputation as a major young Latin American voice.

Чёрное Сердце

Джулия О Мани

Могла ли обычная деревенская девчонка, потерявшая свою семью и дом, представить, что отправится в жестокий и коварный мир магии? Мог ли властный черный маг, представить, что судьба сведет его, с той самой деревенщиной, которую, он возненавидит до такой степени, что влюбится в нее? Может ли черствое сердце, в котором живет ненависть к обычным людям, изменится ради любви и страсти?