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Сергей Лебедев

Лучший яд – это страх! В советское время Калитин работал в секретной лаборатории, располагающейся на отдаленном острове. Там, в недрах мрачных подземелий, вырытых под массивной цитаделью бывшего монастыря, он создал главное творение своей жизни… Дебютант – газ, мгновенно убивающий жертву и не оставляющий никаких следов своего применения, жестокий и беспощадный монстр, не имеющий отпечатков пальцев, лишенный какого-либо тела, которое можно выследить. Но Советский Союз распался, и Калитин вынужден был бежать. Здесь, в стране бывшего противника, он предается воспоминаниям, надеется на возможность вновь получить в свое распоряжение лабораторию и доработать ужасный яд. Но родина, которая, ненадолго разжав стальные челюсти, выпустила ученого, теперь вновь окрепла. У России, как и у СССР, нет жалости к перебежчикам, но есть огромные возможности, а главное, те же самые средства. Ликвидировать ученого вылетают майор Гребенюк и подполковник Шершнев, везущий в своем чемодане изящный флакон, внутри которого ждет своего часа Дебютант. © С. Лебедев, 2021 © А. Бондаренко, художественное оформление, макет, 2021 © Издательство CORPUS ® © & ℗ ООО «Издательство АСТ», «Аудиокнига», 2021


Сергей Лебедев

Дебютант – идеальный яд, смертельный и бесследный. Создавший его химик Калитин работал в секретном советском институте, но с распадом Союза бежал на Запад. Подполковник Шершнев получает приказ отравить предателя его же изобретением… Новый, пятый, роман Сергея Лебедева – закрученное в шпионский сюжет художественное исследование яда как инструмента советских и российских спецслужб. И – блестящая проза о вечных темах: природе зла и добра, связи творца и творения, науки и морали.

The Killing Files

Nikki Owen

No matter how fast you run, the past always catches up with you‘A gripping and tense thriller’ – Heat‘A must have’ – Sunday ExpressDr Maria Martinez is out of prison and on the run.Her mission? To get back to the safety of her family.Little does she know that this might be the most dangerous place of all…Don’t miss the second in Nikki Owen’s electrifying Project trilogy, perfect for fans of Nicci French and Charles Cumming.

Cold Blood

Alex Shaw

Aidan Snow thought he could escape his past. But now it’s back, with a vengeance. Ten years ago, SAS Trooper Aidan Snow was left fighting for his life after a mission went wrong and ever since he has been haunted by the image of the man with green eyes. The man who should have killed him.Now, Snow is finally living a peaceful life in Ukraine… Until Taurus Pashinski, the green-eyed man, returns.As Snow’s past catches up with him he finds himself thrown back into the world of espionage with a vengeance.Praise for Alex Shaw:‘Meet Aidan Snow, an ice-cold operative in a red-hot adventure’ Stephen Leather‘Sizzles across the page like a flame on a short fuse!’ Matt Hilton‘A perfect blend of spy fiction and political thriller’ Matt LynnReaders love the Aidan Snow books:‘A superb, pulse-racing read’ Online reviewer‘Exciting and fast-paced’ Online reviewer‘Immensely enjoyable and tightly written’ Online reviewer

A Foreign Country

Чарльз Камминг

Winner of the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger 2012 for Best Thriller of the Year. Selected by the Sunday Times and the Guardian as Best Thriller. Perfect for fans of John le Carré, a gripping and suspenseful spy thriller from ‘the master of the modern spy thriller’ (Mail on Sunday) WITH AN EXCLUSIVE AFTERWORD BY THE AUTHOR.Six weeks before she is due to become the first female head of MI6, Amelia Levene disappears without a trace.Disgraced ex-agent Thomas Kell is brought in from the cold with orders to find her – quickly and quietly. The mission offers Kell a way back into the secret world, the only life he’s ever known.Tracking her through France and North Africa, Kell embarks on a dangerous voyage, shadowed by foreign intelligence services. This far from home soil, the rules of the game are entirely different – and the consequences worse than anyone imagines…


Alistair MacLean

Reissue of the classic tale of espionage set in Cold War Europe, where the world’s greatest circus acrobat must break into an impenetrable fortress, from the acclaimed master of action and suspense.Bruno Wildermann of the Wrinfield Circus is the world’s greatest trapeze artist, a clairvoyant with near-supernatural powers and an implacable enemy of the East European regime that arrested his family and murdered his wife.The CIA needs such a man, and recruits Bruno for an impossible raid – on the impreganble Lubylan fortress, where his family his held.Under cover of a circus tour, Bruno prepares to return to his homeland. But before the journey even begins a murderer strikes twice. Somewhere in the circus there is a communist agent with orders to stop Bruno at any cost…

Cold East

Alex Shaw

The clock is ticking. Will Aidan Snow be able to save the world…again?In Ukraine, MI6 operative Aidan Snow rescues a British national held by Russian insurgents.In the United States, a terrorist attack is thwarted by a man who does not exist.In Russia, a notorious Chechen terrorist escapes from the nation's most secure prisonIn Afghanistan, a Red Army soldier long given up for dead delivers a chilling message: Al-Qaeda has an RA-115A.As the connection between these separate events begins to become clearer, MI6 and the CIA must attempt to prevent the world's first act of nuclear terrorism.Aidan Snow faces his biggest challenge yet, and if he fails, thousands will be incinerated.The clock is ticking. And you never know who you can trust.Praise for Alex Shaw:‘Meet Aidan Snow, an ice-cold operative in a red-hot adventure’ Stephen Leather‘Sizzles across the page like a flame on a short fuse!’ Matt Hilton‘A perfect blend of spy fiction and political thriller’ Matt LynnReaders love the Aidan Snow books:‘A superb, pulse-racing read’ Online reviewer‘Exciting and fast-paced’ Online reviewer‘Immensely enjoyable and tightly written’ Online reviewer

East of Hounslow

Khurrum Rahman

Shortlisted for the Theakstons Old Peculiar Crime Novel of the Year Award 2019, shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey Debut Dagger Award 2018 and the CrimeFest Last Laugh Award 2018A TELEGRAPH Book of the Year. Meet Jay. Small-time dealer. Accidental jihadist. The one man who can save us all?Javid – call him Jay – is a dope dealer living in West London. He goes to mosque on Friday, and he’s just bought his pride and joy – a BMW. He lives with his mum, and life seems sweet.But his world is about to turn upside-down. Because MI5 have been watching him, and they think he’s just the man they need for a delicate mission.One thing’s for sure: now he’s a long way East of Hounslow, Jay’s life will never be the same again.With the edgy humour of Four Lions and the pulse-racing tension of Nomad, East of Hounslow is the first in a series of thrillers starring Jay Qasim.Reviewers love East of Hounslow:‘Marvellous. Totally marvellous. Hilarious. Brilliant. Grounded in reality, with some fabulous dialogue. So absorbing, you forget the rest of the world exists. Khurrum Rahman is an author to keep your eye on.’‘Told with wit and flair, it is both funny and gripping in equal measure. I can’t wait for the next one.’‘One of the most enjoyable books I have read this year’‘Superb British crime writing.’‘If you like modern spy novels, such as the excellent, “Slow Horses,” series, by Mick Herron, then you will enjoy this. Realistic, intelligent, moving and also full of humour, this is a great read.’‘Apparently, we haven’t heard the last of Jay and I for one can’t wait for his next outing, for if it’s anything like East of Hounslow it’ll be great.’

Lord Crayle's Secret World

Lara Temple

A desperate highwaywoman…Holding a lord at gunpoint, Miss Sari Trevor wonders how it has come to this. One look into the icy grey eyes of Michael D’Alency Alistair, Earl of Crayle, and she knows she’s out of her depth. But then this enigmatic lord makes Sari a mysterious offer of employment…Although she challenges his rigid self-control, Sari is perfect for the secret agency of spies Michael manages. But helping to tutor this daring beauty proves to be a sensual assault Michael isn’t prepared for…and a temptation neither can resist!

An Uncommon Duke

Laurie Benson

Confessions of a Regency duke…When the Duke of Winterbourne proposed to Olivia, she felt like the luckiest girl alive. Their happy marriage was the envy of the Ton. But all that changed when Gabriel wasn’t there the night Olivia gave birth to their son…Gabriel’s life is rooted in darkness and he’s learnt the hard way not to trust anyone with the truth. Yet, now, his wife wants to try for another child… and Gabriel must bare his secrets in order to bring Olivia back into his bed, and by his side for ever!