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Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis

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Seminal text presenting detailed accounts of the most important catalytic asymmetric reactions known today This book covers the preparation of enantiomerically pure or enriched chemical compounds by use of chiral catalyst molecules. While reviewing the most important catalytic methods for asymmetric organic synthesis, this book highlights the most important and recent developments in catalytic asymmetric synthesis. Edited by two well-qualified experts, sample topics covered in the work include: Metal catalysis, organocatalysis, photoredox catalysis, enzyme catalysis C-H bond functionalization reactions Carbon-carbon bond formation reactions, carbon-halogen bond formation reactions, hydrogenations, polymerizations, flow reactions Axially chiral compoundsRetaining the best of its predecessors but now thoroughly up to date with the important and recent developments in catalytic asymmetric synthesis, the 4th edition of Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis serves as an excellent desktop reference and text for researchers and students, from upper-level undergraduates all the way to experienced professionals in industry or academia.

Plastics and the Ocean

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An insightful and multidisciplinary exploration of plastic pollutants in the ocean environment In Plastics and the Ocean , renowned researcher Anthony L. Andrady delivers a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of the sources, characterization, and environmental impacts of plastics in the ocean. The book focuses on macroplastics as well as micro-scale and nanoscale plastics and the human impacts of these that reach consumers via seafood. It also addresses the human behavioral aspects of the problem via discussions of the mismanagement of urban litter. A diverse collection of expert perspectives is arranged logically and guides the reader through this fast-evolving multi-disciplinary subject area. Beginning with an overview of the field, the book goes on to explore the importance of this area of research to related disciplines and to the everyday lives of consumers. This text offers engineers and scientists an up-to-date review of the subject and the state of the art as summarized by key researchers in the field. The book includes: A synthesis of leading voices in oceanography, biogeochemistry, industrial chemistry, ecotoxicology, polymer science, and behavioral science Discussions of the impacts of a range of marine plastics, including large debris, microplastics, and nanoplastics A summary of the abundance and impacts of plastics in various niches in the marine environment Descriptions of the current methodologies for sampling, detection, processing, and identification of plastic waste Plastics and the Ocean is an indispensable resource for professionals, researchers, instructors, and graduate students in polymer science, marine biology, and environmental engineering. It’s also a must-read text for chemical engineers, materials scientists, and environmental engineers seeking a one-stop resource that describes the origins, occurrence, composition, environmental fate, and biological impacts of plastic pollutants in an ocean environment.

Multiblock Data Fusion in Statistics and Machine Learning

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Multiblock Data Fusion in Statistics and Machine Learning Explore the advantages and shortcomings of various forms of multiblock analysis, and the relationships between them, with this expert guide Arising out of fusion problems that exist in a variety of fields in the natural and life sciences, the methods available to fuse multiple data sets have expanded dramatically in recent years. Older methods, rooted in psychometrics and chemometrics, also exist. Multiblock Data Fusion in Statistics and Machine Learning: Applications in the Natural and Life Sciences is a detailed overview of all relevant multiblock data analysis methods for fusing multiple data sets. It focuses on methods based on components and latent variables, including both well-known and lesser-known methods with potential applications in different types of problems. Many of the included methods are illustrated by practical examples and are accompanied by a freely available R-package. The distinguished authors have created an accessible and useful guide to help readers fuse data, develop new data fusion models, discover how the involved algorithms and models work, and understand the advantages and shortcomings of various approaches. This book includes: A thorough introduction to the different options available for the fusion of multiple data sets, including methods originating in psychometrics and chemometrics Practical discussions of well-known and lesser-known methods with applications in a wide variety of data problems Included, functional R-code for the application of many of the discussed methods Perfect for graduate students studying data analysis in the context of the natural and life sciences, including bioinformatics, sensometrics, and chemometrics, Multiblock Data Fusion in Statistics and Machine Learning: Applications in the Natural and Life Sciences is also an indispensable resource for developers and users of the results of multiblock methods.


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