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Mountain Bike: Park City

Jared Hargrave

Park City, Utah, is the world’s first International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) gold-level ride center. Already famous for its ski resort, the city features over 400 miles of singletrack. Its mountain-bike friendly infrastructure includes two lift-serviced, downhill mountain bike parks (Deer Valley and Park City Resort); a free, bike-friendly shuttle system; and numerous outdoor shops that rent and sell gear. But it’s the singletrack network around Park City that is the real attraction–epic ascents and descents, long traverses, technical sections, man-made features, steep climbs, gentle grades, flowing downhills, and stunning views. There’s a ride here for every ability! Each route includes: <ul> <li>Trail type, distance, elevation gain/loss, high point</li> <li>Estimated ride time, technical difficulty, aerobic intensity</li> <li>Route overview, detailed mileage log, options to shorten or extend when available</li> <li>Photo, map, trailhead GPS coordinates</li> </ul> It’s the perfect time for a detailed guidebook to Park City trails for mountain biking locals and tourists alike.

Washington Wildflower Hikes

Nathan Barnes

From flower-filled alpine meadows to streams lined with delicate Scouler’s corydalis blooms, and from lakes covered in water lilies to Dr. Seussian drifts of bear grass, Washington offers something for every hiker–and flower lover. Brothers Nathan and Jeremy Barnes lead hikers on 50 trails to seasonal floral displays, ranging across varied landscapes. Features include: <ul> <li>Basics of wildflower identification</li> <li>Tips for photographing wildflowers</li> <li>“Hike Finder,” which includes flowering season, trail difficulty, distance, and more</li> <li>50 detailed wildflower profiles, including common and botanical names, description, botanical background</li> <li>Stunning images throughout</li> </ul> Along with its showcased species, each handpicked route includes a detailed topo map, turn-by-turn route description, history of the area, and list of other wildflowers found along the trail.

Тренируемся дома. Мощная система упражнений без спецусловий

Марк Лорен

В этой книге Марк Лорен (профессиональный тренер спецназа) делится принципами своей потрясающе эффективной программы – простые упражнения, для которых требуется лишь сопротивление вашего тела, плюс правильное питание позволят вам выглядеть идеально за очень короткие сроки. Вооружившись нашими мотивационными техниками, программой тренировок и советами по питанию, вы очень скоро добьетесь заметных результатов, занимаясь всего по 30 минут в день 4 раза в неделю – хоть в гостиной, хоть в гараже, хоть в парке, хоть в офисе. Упражнения в этой книге делают ваши мышцы более сильными, чем при занятиях в спортзале, позволяют сжечь больше калорий, чем при аэробных нагрузках, и они более безопасны, чем первые и вторые, а также позволяют избежать серьезных повреждений и развивают чувство баланса. Выберите свой уровень подготовки – нулевой, базовый, мастер или профессиональный спортсмен – и начинайте работать над собой, следуя понятным описаниям упражнений, которые проработают каждую мышцу вашего тела – от шеи до пяток. Забудьте о платных абонементах в спортзал – они вам больше не понадобятся. Лучший фитнес-тренажер уже при вас – ваше собственное тело. В формате PDF A4 сохранен издательский макет книги.

St. Pauli

Carles Vinas

FC St. Pauli is a football club unlike any other. Encompassing music, sport and politics, its fans welcome refugees, fight fascists and take a stand against all forms of discrimination. This book goes behind the skull and crossbones emblem to tell the story of a football club rewriting the rulebook. Since the club's beginnings in Hamburg's red-light district, the chants, banners and atmosphere of the stadium have been dictated by the politics of the streets. Promotions are celebrated and relegations commiserated alongside social struggles, workers' protests and resistance to Nazism. In recent years, people have flocked from all over the world to join the Black Bloc in the stands of the Millerntor Stadium and while in the 1980s the club had a small DIY punk following, now there are almost 30,000 in attendance at games with supporters across the world. In a sporting landscape governed by corporate capitalism, driven by revenue and divorced from community, FC St. Pauli demonstrate that another football is possible.

Day Hiking Southcentral Alaska

Lisa Maloney

Hikes within driving distance of Anchorage and its environs 100 day hikes, from iconic to beginner to lung-burner! Day Hiking: Southcentral Alaska features 100 day hikes in the populous region around the Greater Anchorage area. Starting with the immense and accessible Chugach State Park, the guide includes hikes north of the city to include the Matanuska–Susitna Valley and Hatcher Pass areas, and also trails near Eagle River, Palmer, and Wasilla. There are hikes along Cook Inlet and Turnagain Arm, including near Girdwood, Portage Glacier, and Whittier, as well as all of the Kenai Peninsula–Chugach National Forest, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Kachemak Bay State Park and State Wilderness Park, Soldotna, Homer, and more. «Hikes at a Glance» highlights features of each hike Difficulty rating, elevation gain, distance, and best season for each trail Detailed driving directions to trailheads Useful trail icons for dog-friendliness, glaciers, lakes, and more Convenient, compact, and packable size Full-color photos throughout

Serious About Sport: Cycling

Remmert Wielinga

For all those who want to move up a gear, this practical guide to cycling techniques and training exercises will help you get better and get fitter. Written by an experienced cyclist and cycling coach, as well as a personal trainer and sports nutrition expert, the book gives full information on how to improve such vital techniques as pedalling, cornering, hill climbing and riding in wet weather as well as providing expert race advice on paceline training, chasing a pack and post-race recovery. Both mental and physical fitness are covered and an important section on nutrition will guide you to the correct foods to fuel your body. The chapter on cross-training and general fitness gives a list of exercises for each muscle group accompanied by clear anatomical drawings. Finally training programmes aimed at a range of fitness levels and abilities allow the reader to put the advice gained to good use, improving stamina and strength whilst also fine-tuning technique. This title is suitable for: amateur cyclists wanting to learn more about the sport and build up a training programme; long-term cycling enthusiasts seeking to improve their technique and perhaps move into competitive cycling; and, anyone interested in taking up a new sport or starting a fitness regime, with a focus on having fun and developing a skill as well as improving stamina.

501 Easy Look & Feel Good Tips

Cheryl Owen

Traditional needlecrafts are as popular as ever as more and more of us are seeking to 'make do and mend' as a way of saving money. However, making beautiful and original handmade items is a great way to add style and glamour to your home – and can be fun too. As part of a series, «Love…Sewing» contains a collection of 25 wonderful projects – all of which are really easy to create. Soft furnishings are an essential part of any home – colour, texture and pattern add warmth and comfort. Using simple sewing techniques and bright, fresh fabrics, this book shows you how to create a range of soft furnishings and other items, from cushions, throws and bags to a cot quilt, table linen and even a blind. All the projects have clear step-by-step instructions and photographs taking you through the various stages, making them straightforward and simple, even for the beginner. A basics section at the front of the book takes you through all the essential techniques, from simple hems and seams to piping and buttonholes.

Психологические игра псиХУДЕЙКА и другие

Анастасия Колендо-Смирнова

Перед Вами инструкции к популярным психологическим играм «Психудейка» для похудения, «Столкновение» для решения конфликтов, «Не плачь» для работы с горем, «Не Уверенность» для работы с самооценкой и «Исцеление» для работы с фобиями. Игры проводят специально обучившиеся психологи в разных странах. В этой брошюре Вы можете познакомится с правилами проведения игр. Эффективность прохождения с официальным ведущим игр, конечно выше, чем при самостоятельной работе. Но в любом случае, прочитав эту книгу Вы узнаете алгоритмы проведения игр и сможете понять, как можно работать с данной проблематикой.

How to Create the Perfect Riding Horse

Perry Wood

An honest and encouraging guide for everyone who wishes their horse could be the perfect riding horse Essential tools and clear step-by-step photography for training the horse and rider help you create your perfect riding horse for any discipline or level of ability Inspirational advice and ingenious tips take you through choosing the right horse, mastering the basics of groundwork, schooling and introducing jumping Perry Wood's skill as a coach of both horses and people puts these effective methods within easy grasp of everyone, transforming any rider into a real trainer.