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IT-Sicherheit für Dummies

Rainer W. Gerling

Wenn Sie eine Prüfung zur Informationssicherheit ablegen oder eine Berufslaufbahn in der Informationssicherheit einschlagen wollen, müssen Sie die technischen Grundlagen wie Verschlüsselung verstehen. Sie müssen aber auch die rechtliche Seite – Datenschutz-, Melde- und Dokumentationspflichten – und geeignete organisatorische Maßnahmen im Unternehmen kennen. Dieses Buch ist drei Bücher in einem: Es beschreibt für Studierende, Datenschutzbeauftragte, IT-Administratoren und allgemein Interessierte gleichermaßen die regulatorischen Vorgaben in Deutschland und der EU. Es geht auf die verschiedenen organisatorischen Aspekte von Informationssicherheit im Unternehmen ein und liefert Ihnen darüber hinaus auch das technische Grundlagenwissen. Die Inhalte werden so präsentiert, dass sie im Wesentlichen ohne spezielles Vorwissen verständlich sind.

Multimedia Security, Volume 1

William Puech

Today, more than 80% of the data transmitted over networks and archived on our computers, tablets, cell phones or clouds is multimedia data – images, videos, audio, 3D data. The applications of this data range from video games to healthcare, and include computer-aided design, video surveillance and biometrics.<br /><br />It is becoming increasingly urgent to secure this data, not only during transmission and archiving, but also during its retrieval and use. Indeed, in today’s «all-digital» world, it is becoming ever-easier to copy data, view it unrightfully, steal it or falsify it.<br /><br /><i>Multimedia Security 1</i> analyzes the issues of the authentication of multimedia data, code and the embedding of hidden data, both from the point of view of defense and attack. Regarding the embedding of hidden data, it also covers invisibility, color, tracing and 3D data, as well as the detection of hidden messages in an image by steganalysis.

The Security Culture Playbook

Perry Carpenter

Mitigate human risk and bake security into your organization’s culture from top to bottom with insights from leading experts in security awareness, behavior, and culture. The topic of security culture is mysterious and confusing to most leaders. But it doesn’t have to be. In The Security Culture Playbook , Perry Carpenter and Kai Roer, two veteran cybersecurity strategists deliver experience-driven, actionable insights into how to transform your organization’s security culture and reduce human risk at every level. This book exposes the gaps between how organizations have traditionally approached human risk and it provides security and business executives with the necessary information and tools needed to understand, measure, and improve facets of security culture across the organization. The book offers: An expose of what security culture really is and how it can be measured A careful exploration of the 7 dimensions that comprise security culture Practical tools for managing your security culture program, such as the Security Culture Framework and the Security Culture Maturity Model Insights into building support within the executive team and Board of Directors for your culture management programAlso including several revealing interviews from security culture thought leaders in a variety of industries, The Security Culture Playbook is an essential resource for cybersecurity professionals, risk and compliance managers, executives, board members, and other business leaders seeking to proactively manage and reduce risk.