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Seven Ethics Against Capitalism

Oli Mould

Capitalism has become so dominant that it is difficult to ever imagine a world in which its injustices and inequalities are not violently present. In this ambitious and compelling book, Oli Mould turns his diagnosis of capitalism's perversions towards defining the new set of ethics we need to succeed in organizing a more just society. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, capitalism has been rocked to its foundations and 'the commons' as a means of providing for all people in our world has come crashing into the foreground. However, in order for the commons to be a viable alternative to the injustices of capitalism, it needs to be grown to a planetary scale. This is not an easy process, but if we can commit to act ethically in the world, then suddenly anything is possible. Blending theoretical thinking and real-life examples of commoning in action, Mould guides the reader through a suite of ethical mindsets – mutualism, transmaterialism, minoritarianism, decodification, slowness, failure and love – which can stand firm against capitalism's seemingly inexorable ability to co-opt and subsume all before it. When thought of collectively, these ethics can offer tantalizing visions and practical approaches towards a world beyond capitalism.

Biogeography in the Sub-Arctic

Группа авторов

  There is no escaping the fact that the island biogeography of the North Atlantic Region is singularly peculiar. Sitting in the north of the Atlantic Ocean, these islands have been subjected to largescale shifts in climate over the last few million years, unlike the other island groups further south which were likely more buffered from the vicissitudes of Quaternary climate changes. Uniquely for a group of islands there is only one documented extinction in the North Atlantic (the Great Auk), and those in the insects are local events relating to species that are distributed throughout the Palaearctic region. Over half the insect species in Iceland and Greenland are introduced. The faunas, excluding Greenland, are predominantly of Palaearctic origin and have close affinities with the faunas of Scandinavia and the British Isles and. These unique physical and biological characteristics have interested biologists and biogeographers for centuries.  The key debates concerning the biogeography of the North Atlantic islands still rumble on: Do the biota reflect cryptic refugia or otherwise, or tabula rasa and recolonization? How important were human communities in shaping the existing biota and biogeographical patterns? Throw into this mix current concerns over global warming, and we can now ask, how resilient is the biota to change, either natural or anthropogenic? This volume draws together a range of researchers with longstanding research interests in the region, from diverse academic backgrounds, to evaluate some of these questions.

Marktsegmente des Tourismus

Jürgen Schmude

Der Studienband setzt sich mit insgesamt sechs Marktsegmenten des Tourismus auseinander. Dabei handelt es sich um die Marktsegmente, die in jüngerer Zeit eine große (ökonomische) Bedeutung für den touristischen Markt haben, und eine große Dynamik aufweisen, die insbesondere in der steigenden Nachfrage zum Ausdruck kommt. Die Marktsegmente werden hinsichtlich ihrer Anforderungen an das ursprüngliche und abgeleitete Angebot analysiert, weiterhin werden die aktuellen Strukturen und jüngeren Entwicklungen sowohl auf der Angebots- als auch auf der Nachfrageseite dargestellt. Ein einführendes Kapitel zu Segmentierungsmöglichkeiten des Marktes sowie ein zusammenfassendes Schlusskapitel, das die wesentlichen Herausforderungen thematisiert, vor denen die ausgewählten Marktsegmente zukünftig stehen werden, ergänzen den Band.


Wolfgang Frisch

Wie entstehen Gebirge? Warum entfernt sich Amerika von Europa? Wieso passen die Formen von Südamerika und Afrika so gut zusammen? Warum gibt es rund um den Pazifik lauter Vulkane und Erdbebengebiete, während die Ränder des Atlantischen Ozeans eher ruhig sind? Frisch und Meschede vermitteln umfassend alle geodynamischen Prozesse und zeichnen die Entwicklung von der Theorie der Kontinentverschiebung zum Konzept der Plattentektonik nach. Konkrete Beispiele aus allen Teilen der Erde und hervorragende Schaubilder und Karten machen dieses Standardwerk zu einem Lesegenuss.

The Travels of Sir John Mandeville

John Mandeville

The Travels of Sir John Mandeville. Itinerarium
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Seismic Reservoir Modeling

Dario Grana

Seismic reservoir characterization aims to build 3-dimensional models of rock and fluid properties, including elastic and petrophysical variables, to describe and monitor the state of the subsurface for hydrocarbon exploration and production and for CO₂ sequestration. Rock physics modeling and seismic wave propagation theory provide a set of physical equations to predict the seismic response of subsurface rocks based on their elastic and petrophysical properties. However, the rock and fluid properties are generally unknown and surface geophysical measurements are often the only available data to constrain reservoir models far away from well control. Therefore, reservoir properties are generally estimated from geophysical data as a solution of an inverse problem, by combining rock physics and seismic models with inverse theory and geostatistical methods, in the context of the geological modeling of the subsurface. A probabilistic approach to the inverse problem provides the probability distribution of rock and fluid properties given the measured geophysical data and allows quantifying the uncertainty of the predicted results. The reservoir characterization problem includes both discrete properties, such as facies or rock types, and continuous properties, such as porosity, mineral volumes, fluid saturations, seismic velocities and density.  Seismic Reservoir Modeling:  Theory, Examples and Algorithms  presents the main concepts and methods of seismic reservoir characterization. The book presents an overview of rock physics models that link the petrophysical properties to the elastic properties in porous rocks and a review of the most common geostatistical methods to interpolate and simulate multiple realizations of subsurface properties conditioned on a limited number of direct and indirect measurements based on spatial correlation models. The core of the book focuses on Bayesian inverse methods for the prediction of elastic petrophysical properties from seismic data using analytical and numerical statistical methods. The authors present basic and advanced methodologies of the current state of the art in seismic reservoir characterization and illustrate them through expository examples as well as real data applications to hydrocarbon reservoirs and CO₂ sequestration studies.

Growing Up and Getting By

Группа авторов

Bringing together new, multidisciplinary research, this book explores how children and young people across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas experience and cope with situations of poverty and precarity. It looks at the impact of neoliberalism, austerity and global economic crisis, evidencing the multiple harms and inequalities caused. It also examines the different ways that children, young people and families ‘get by’ under these challenging circumstances, showing how they care for one another and envisage more hopeful socio-political futures.