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Secured Transactions (Speedy Study Guides)

Speedy Publishing

Secured Transactions are contracts where a bank or other creditor holds rights to an item for security for funds owed. These often come in the form of mortgages, auto loans, boat loans, or business loans where the holding of stock rights is seen as a common market ploy. A guide to explain these types of transactions would benefit the consumer by explaining the whole process, the laws involved, and the benefits to both the customer and the creditor. People are more likely to maintain payments when they understand the full ramifications of default.

Risk Management 100 Success Secrets

Gerard Blokdijk

There has never been a Risk Management manual like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of the Risk Management. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is also not about a Risk Management's best practice and standards details. Instead it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with and in Risk Management.

Throw Your Stuff Off the Plane

Art Horn

Helps individual readers to overcome procrastination and build self-esteem Reveals how to create a culture of accountability, and how to hold someone accountable Gives leaders a step-by-step process for helping team members become more self-responsible Explains commitment reluctance and how to encourage self-responsibility among team members Uncovers why we blame others and shows how to defeat a blame culture Provides an easy read with no consultant-speak In recent years, HORN Training and Consulting was awarded the distinguished Gold Medal by the Canadian Society for Training and Development for its leadership development program designed for one of the world’s largest international banks; and HORN is currently executing leadership development projects on a global scale for companies in the consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical industries

The HR Change Toolkit

Lucy Adams

It's hard to make change happen in HR. If you're a HR manager with good ideas on making things work better that's frustrating enough, but for organisations that fail to respond to the way the world is changing the results could be fatal. 
In this insightful, practical book the world's top HR disruptor – Lucy Adams – explains why HR needs to change its approach if it’s to be successful in transforming its organisations. She also shares workable strategies for getting your own HR team ready, preparing the ground in your organisation, designing your change and implementing it effectively.
It's up to you to lead the way – here's what you need to make it happen.

The Team Coaching Toolkit

Tony Llewellyn

This book is about the ‘how’ of managing behavioural change in project teams.  Much of the project management literature published over the last five years urges the reader to become better leader by improving their soft skills. Few books however actually explain how to apply a people-oriented approach in practice. This book fills the gap, setting out a wide range of step-by-step exercises to use with groups that will specifically help to shape and maintain the desired behavioural norms.The book provides 55 tools and techniques, aligned with a model of team coaching derived from scientific literature on team performance as well as the author's own extensive practice and research. Each tool sits within one of five layers or stages of team development. In order to provide the reader with some context, the book will have two preliminary chapters. The book is also supported by a website with additional resources.Tony Llewellyn has worked in the major project space for 35 years, most recently focused specifically on behavioural change in groups. In his discussions with project managers he has found a consistent desire to understand how to put the theories of human team dynamics into practice. Here he shares the tools that he has developed and explains them in a way that is both theoretically credible and practically useful.

From Foreclosure to Fair Lending

Группа авторов

This book informs a renewed movement for fair lending and fair housing. Leading advocates and specialists examine strategic initiatives to realize objectives of the federal Fair Housing Act as well as state and local laws Well-known fair housing and fair lending activists and organizers examine the implications of the new wave of fair housing activism generated by Occupy Wall Street protests and the many successes achieved in fair housing and fair lending over the years. The book reveals the limitations of advocacy efforts and the challenges that remain. Best directions for future action are brought to light by staff of fair housing organizations, fair housing attorneys, community and labor organizers, and scholars who have researched social justice organizing and advocacy movements. The book is written for general interest and academic audiences. Contributors address the foreclosure crisis, access to credit in a changing marketplace, and the immoral hazards of big banks. They examine opportunities in collective bargaining available to homeowners and how low-income and minority households were denied access to historically low home prices and interest rates. Authors question the effectiveness of litigation to uphold the Fair Housing Act's promise of nondiscriminatory home loans and ask how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is assuring fair lending. They also look at where immigrants stand, housing as a human right, and methods for building a movement.

Motivating Today's Employees

Lin Grensing-Pophal

When you are watching the bottom line, it is easy to forget how your employees are feeling about their jobs. But unproductive staff can be one of the biggest threats to that bottom line, as many business owners have discovered to their cost. Motivated employees are effective employees. Learn how to create a favourable working environment and increase worker effectiveness!

Краткое содержание книги: По большому счету. История Центробанка России. Евгения Письменная

Smart Reading

Этот текст – сокращенная версия книги Евгении Письменной «По большому счету. История Центробанка России». Только самые ценные мысли, идеи, кейсы, примеры. О книге Это история о том, как в перипетиях распада СССР, перестройки, путча, финансовых и политических кризисов создавался главный финансовый институт страны – Центральный банк. О том, как нищая и бесправная российская контора Госбанка СССР превратилась в мегарегулятор с валютными резервами в размере $500 млрд. О людях, которые внесли свой вклад в развитие ЦБ. О победах и провалах. О трудных решениях и, конечно, о деньгах. Зачем читать • Познакомиться с нюансами создания и функционирования банковской системы страны. • Увидеть воочию, как влияли решения политиков и финансистов на ситуацию в России. • Понять мотивы людей, создававших независимую Россию и Центральный банк. Об авторе Евгения Письменная – специальный корреспондент агентства Bloomberg. Автор статей об экономической политике и государственном регулировании в «Ведомостях», «Известиях», журнале «Русский Newsweek». Автор книг «Этические коллизии в деловой журналистике», «Система Кудрина». Кандидат филологических наук.

Formula 1 for Business

O'Connor Daniel

TRANSFORM YOUR AVERAGE BUSINESS INTO A FORMULA1 CLASS RACING BUSINESS<br /> <br />International authors and leading business consultants Simon Frayne and Daniel O'Connor share the science, wisdom and closely guarded high performance tips and strategies in this book. If you have ever dreamed of a better business to provide a bigger life, Formula 1 For Business will show you how to achieve the profitability, value and ultimately business success you desire. Discover how to get the most out of your business against a fast changing landscape!<br /> <br />You'll learn:<br />-Essential profit drivers every business owner needs to know<br />-How to attract and maximise the performance of key staff<br />-The secret of measurement and monitoring for incremental improvement<br />-The 15 critical strategies that will dramatically increase your business value<br />-Why it is better not to work in your business and how to manage your way out<br />-The secrets to the 6 different buyer profiles and why some pay much, much more<br />-How to massively expand your marketing channels to increase sales in the changing landscape<br /> <br /><i>&quot;This is the most insightful, impacting &amp; important book on building profit and value in your business you will ever read. It is a formula for success and is full of ideas, wisdom and strategies that can change your business forever.&quot;– </i>Darren J. Stephens, International Business Consultant and Bestselling Author<br /> <br />Take Action &amp; SuperCharge Your Business &amp; Life Today....

One-Month Money

Oliver Davies Davies

Bankers blunder, governments turn a blind eye and investors just get it plain wrong. But what if there's something else lurking behind all our great recessions and depressions, something operating in the shadows that makes our bubbles bigger and our crashes more catastrophic? Something so familiar and ubiquitous that we hardly ever think of its effects – even when it's under our very nose.
What if it's money?
Our modern system of money is a marvel, enabling complex trade and economic growth on a scale never known before. But money also carries a fatal flaw: it can be hoarded forever, and whenever we hoard we depress spending and distort interest rates. The result is a dreaded sequence of boom-and-bust that we know as the business cycle, an endless swing from unemployment to inflation and back again.
But it doesn't have to be this way.
ONE-MONTH MONEY begins as an eye-opening demonstration of how modern money is often our own worst economic enemy, and ends by proposing a controversial and innovative solution: a simple reinvention of money that would end recessions, inflation and unemployment forever. By rewiring the banking system and giving money a monthly expiry date, we can create a system of money with all its current benefits and none of its drawbacks, a system where money greases the wheels of global production without ever destabilising it.
We can still save – just not under the mattress. Bad businesses can still go bust – just without bringing the wider economy down with them. Once money cannot be hoarded and interest rates are always perfect, there will be no more business cycles. The system of one-month money automatically checks our worst hoarding impulses, allowing us to save productively, keep prices stable and enjoy permanent full employment.
With many countries struggling for growth and the stimulus toolbox growing emptier by the year, a creative rethink of our monetary system is critically urgent. ONE-MONTH MONEY is not only a timely and enjoyable addition to a vital conversation, but a book that will forever change the way you think about what's in your wallet.