Nanotechnology For Electronics, Photonics, Biosensors, And Emerging Technologies. Группа авторов

Техническая литература. Selected Topics In Electronics And Systems

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Nanotechnology For Electronics, Photonics, Biosensors, And Emerging Technologies

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isbn 9789811227264

Автор произведения Группа авторов

Жанр Техническая литература

Серия Selected Topics In Electronics And Systems

Издательство Ingram

This volume on Nanotechnology in Electronics, Photonics, Biosensors, and Emerging Technologies comprises research papers spanning from novel materials and devices, biosensors and bio-nano-systems, artificial intelligence, robotics and emerging technologies, to applications in each of these fields. These include blockchain improving security; ultra-sensitive Point of Care biosensor for detecting pathogeneses and detection of RNA-Virus infections; and advanced materials and devices such as ROM for anti-reverse engineering, FPGA bit-stream encryption, switching transients in memristors, and high-speed multi-bit logic and memories. Applications such as 3D-4D inkjet-printed wireless ultra-broadband modules for IOT, smarttag, and smart city applications are also included. In the area of material synthesis, carbon nanotube synthesis, III-nitride film growth via plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition are noted. Threading dislocation behavior in InGaAs/GaAs (001) superlattice buffer layers brings a novel approach.Papers presented in this volume cover various aspects of high performance materials and devices for implementing high-speed electronic systems. This volume will serve as a useful reference for recent developments in nanotechnology.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Preface</li><li>Novel POC Bionanosensor for Direct Detection of RNA-Virus Infections in Minutes <i>(M Maung, C Cui and S Sinha)</i></li><li>Ultra-Sensitive Point of Care Biosensor for Detecting Pathogeneses <i>(N Farzad, C Cui, A Senejani and S Sinha)</i></li><li>Thin Film Deposition and Carbon Nanotube Synthesis <i>(J Frey and T C Schwendemann)</i></li><li>Inkjet-/3D-/4D-Printed Wireless Ultrabroadband Modules for IoT, Smartag and Smart City Applications <i>(A Adeyeye, A Eid, J Hester, S A Nauroze, B Tehrani, Y Cui and M M Tentzeris)</i></li><li>Threading Dislocation Behavior in InGaAs/GaAs (001) Superlattice Buffer Layers <i>(M T Islam, T Kujofsa, X Chen and J E Ayers)</i></li><li>Integration of Quantum Dot Gate (QDG) in SWS-FETs for Multi-Bit Logic and QD-NVRAMs for Distributed In-Memory Computing <i>(F Jain, R H Gudlavalleti, R Mays, B Saman, P-Y Chan, J Chandy, M Lingalugari and E Heller)</i></li><li>Blockchain and the Emerging Trends for Improving 'Smart Contract' Security <i>(M Chang)</i></li><li>Comparative Study on in-situ Ellipsometric Monitoring of III-Nitride Film Growth via Plasma- Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition <i>(A Mohammad, D Shukla, S Ilhom, B Willis, A K Okyay and N Biyikli)</i></li><li>Transformable Electronics Implantation in ROM for Anti-Reverse Engineering <i>(S Chen and L Wang)</i></li><li>Masked FPGA Bitstream Encryption via Partial Reconfiguration <i>(Y Gong, F Qian and L Wang)</i></li><li>Switching Transients in Memristors <i>(A Mazady and M Anwar)</i></li><li>Multi-Bit SRAMs, Registers, and Logic Using Quantum Well Channel SWS-FETs for Low-Power, High-Speed Computing <i>(F Jain, B Saman, R H Gudlavalleti, R Mays, J Chandy and E Heller)</i></li><li>Simulation of Stacked Quantum Dot Channels SWS-FET Using Multi-FET ABM Modeling <i>(H Salama, B Saman, R H Gudlavalleti, P-Y Chan, R Mays, B Khan, E Heller, J Chandy and F Jain)</i></li><li>Modeling of Multi-State Si and Ge Cladded Quantum Dot Gate FETs Using Verilog and ABM Simulations <i>(R H Gudlavalleti, B Saman, R Mays, M Lingalugari, E Heller, J Chandy and F Jain)</i></li><li>Author Index</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Engineers and research scientists working on High-Speed Electronics.Nanotechnology;Photonics;Biosensors;Highe-Speed Electronics0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Publish as a title (Volume 64) in the well-established book series on «Selected Topics in Electronics and System», edited by Michael Shur, launched back in 1994</li><li>This volume will serve as a useful reference for recently development in Nanotechnology in Electronics, Photonics, Biosensors, and Emerging Technologies</li></ul>