Cake Decorating. Rachel Brown


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Cake Decorating

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isbn 9781607654766

Автор произведения Rachel Brown

Жанр Кулинария


Издательство Ingram

With cake decorating becoming an increasingly popular skill and one that's currently very in-demand, this book is aimed both at those looking to start up their own business and those who want to improve their skills.Offering expert advice throughout, «Cake Decorating» takes you through the essential basic equipment and important skills with marzipan, sugarpaste and royal icing, and techniques such as marbling and crimping.A detailed section on piping covers everything you need to know on the subject, while delicate techniques such as creating sugar flowers are explored in detail. Wedding cakes, storage, transportation, conversion tables and a comprehensive recipe section make this book an indispensible guide.With detailed, step-by-step instructions and photographs, this book has all the advice, skills and techniques you need.