Vancouver Exposed. Eve Lazarus

Книги о Путешествиях.

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Vancouver Exposed

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isbn 9781551528304

Автор произведения Eve Lazarus

Жанр Книги о Путешествиях


Издательство Ingram

As a journalist, Australian-born Eve Lazarus has become adept at combining her well-honed investigative skills with an abiding love for her adopted city. These qualities are on full display in her latest book, an exploration of Vancouver’s hidden past through the city’s neighborhoods, institutions, people, and events. Vancouver Exposed is a nostalgic romp through the city’s past, from buried houses to nudist camps, from bellyflop contests to eccentric museums. Featuring historic black-and-white and color photographs throughout, the book reveals the true heart of the city: one that is endlessly evolving and always full of surprises. With equal parts humor and pathos, Vancouver Exposed is a vividly entertaining and informative book that pays homage to the Vancouver you never knew existed.