The Glass Constellation. Arthur Sze

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The Glass Constellation

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isbn 9781619322363

Автор произведения Arthur Sze

Жанр Зарубежные стихи


Издательство Ingram

Sze’s poetry generates poignant correspondences and startling intimacies, offering readers a deep and daily grounding in the world.<br><br>
<ul><li>Sze’s most recent collection <em>Sight Lines</em> won the 2019 National Book Award. <br> <li>Sze is highly critically acclaimed—<em>Compass Rose</em> was a Pulitzer Prize finalist and his other works have received national honors such as the Jackson Poetry Prize and the American Book Award <br> <li>Copper Canyon has published Sze since the 1990s, with a collection of new and selected poems, numerous collections of original poetry, and a collection of translations from the Chinese. <br> <li>Sze’s writing draws and breaks from Chinese poetry and philosophical tradition. His negotiation of cultural influence and difference has made his work foundational to many Asian American writers. <br> <li>Sze’s work marks a significant contribution to the ecopoetics genre, his writing drawing from indigenous and non-Western lifeworlds and advocating an ethics of deep and transformative notice.<br> <li>Sze’s writing articulates a response to global and environmental injustices, enacting a deep sense of connectivity and collective obligation.<br> <li>Sze’s work is particularly resonant to the Southwest. His previous collection <em>The Ginkgo Light</em> (2009) received the PEN Southwest Book Award and his poetry is imbued with New Mexico’s long-line mesas and the many cultures native to the region. </ul>