Outsmarting AI. Brennan Pursell

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Outsmarting AI

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isbn 9781538136256

Автор произведения Brennan Pursell

Жанр Банковское дело


Издательство Ingram

From factories to smartphones, Artificial Intelligence is already taking over. Outsmarting AI is not a how-to guide on making AI work, but making it work for YOU to boost profits and productivity. Each development in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology brings about apprehension and panic for the future of society and for business. We’re bombarded with stories about the impending human-less workplace; it is no longer a question if man can be replaced by machine in certain tasks, but when. However, AI was not manufactured to destroy life as we know it. These emerging technologies were developed and are constantly updating with a particular goal in mind: optimization. AI feeds on data and information to improve outputs and increase potential. With this enhanced productivity, profit and productivity will be sure to follow.Written by Brennan Pursell, a business consultant and professor who hates jargon, and Joshua Walker, an AI pioneer with 18 years of experience in solutions and applications, Outsmarting AI is the first plain-English how-to guide on adapting AI for the non-coding proficient business leader. This book will help readers to Cut through the fog of AI hype See exactly what AI can actually do for people in business Identify the areas of their organization in most need of AI tools Prepare and control their data – AI is useless without it Adopt AI and develop the right culture to support it Track the productivity boost, cost savings, and increased profits Manage and minimize the threat of crippling lawsuits