Cake Decorating Basics. Rachel Brown


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Cake Decorating Basics

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isbn 9781743372142

Автор произведения Rachel Brown

Жанр Кулинария


Издательство Ingram

Cake decorating is a richly rewarding skill that anyone can master with a little help, and this fact-packed volume answers all the basic questions that beginners frequently ask: How do I level off a domed cake? What is the best way to cut a dowel? How can I get a modeled figure to sit? Plus, there’s detailed information on covering cakes with marzipan, adding ribbons, simple piping with royal icing, creating special effects with sugar paste, and basic modeling. And dessert lovers with special dietary requirements will enjoy the gluten, egg, sugar, and dairy-free treats. Each chapter features color photographs that provide step-by-step guidance—so your cakes will turn out perfectly, the first time and every time.