Strategies for Selecting and Verifying Hearing Aid Fittings. Группа авторов


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Strategies for Selecting and Verifying Hearing Aid Fittings

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isbn 9781604066135

Автор произведения Группа авторов

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Издательство Ingram

This current and expanded edition of a bestselling text is divided into four sections, organized to follow the sequence in which decisions are made regarding hearing aid fittings, and featuring new chapters on middle ear implants, hearing aid counseling, and infection control. Other chapters have been revised to reflect the latest developments in the field, such as: improving speech recognition with directional microphones; changing standards for measuring real-ear performance; and new prescriptive procedures for severe hearing loss.The text features contributions from internationally renowned experts in the field who share their extensive knowledge and clinical experience. It covers the six most common forms of hearing loss practitioners will encounter in their own practice–noise-induced, symmetrical, asymmetrical, unilateral, conductive, and severe hearing loss–with instructions on applying the newest technology to each hearing impaired group. Key features:·Addresses the six most common types of hearing loss that comprise 90-95% of the situations audiologists encounter daily·Organized to follow the decision-making progress in selecting and verifying hearing aid fittings·Fully updated with state-of-the-art technology on implantable hearing aids, directional microphones, and more·A valuable glossary of terms at the end of the text–helpful for students and specialists alikeTogether with its updated companion text, Hearing Aids: Standards, Options, and Limitations, this book forms the basis of a complete reference library on selecting, ordering, measuring, and verifying hearing aid fittings and performance.