The 15th Science Fiction MEGAPACK®. Рэй Брэдбери

Научная фантастика.

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The 15th Science Fiction MEGAPACK®

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isbn 9781479452491

Автор произведения Рэй Брэдбери

Жанр Научная фантастика


Издательство Ingram

The 15th volume of our MEGAPACK® series is truly MEGA—no less than 70 tales by some of the science fiction field's all-time greatest authors! Here are interplanetary tales, space opera, thought pieces, cats (how you you have science fiction stories without at least one cat?), and even a few modern classics. Included are:<P> A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER <P> CONSPIRACY ON CALLISTO, by Frederik Pohl <P> AFTER SOME TOMORROW, by Mack Reynolds <P> CATALYSIS, by Poul Anderson <P> FAMILY TREE, by Charles L. Fontenay <P> A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE, by Russ Winterbotham <P> A MATTER OF ORDER, by Fox B. Holden <P> FREEWAY, by Bryce Walton <P> BUT THE PATIENT LIVED, by Harry Warner, Jr. <P> COMMUNICATION, by Charles Fontenay <P> ROUTINE FOR A HORNET, by Don Berry <P> THE EARTHMAN, by Irving Cox, Jr. <P> DREAMTOWN U.S.A., by Leo P. Kelley <P> EASY DOES IT, by E. G. Von Wald <P> CRONUS OF THE D.F.C., by Lloyd Biggle, Jr. <P> THE HEMINGWAY KITTENS, by A.R. Morlan <P> ESCAPE MECHANISM, by Charles E. Fritch <P> FIRTH’S WORLD, by Irving Cox, Jr. <P> BRIGHT ISLANDS, by Frank Riley <P> THE HAPPY CLOWN, by Alice Eleanor Jones <P> FORCED MOVE, by Henry Lee <P> JEKYLL-HYDE PLANET, by Jack Lewis <P> THE OLD GOAT, by Charles L. Fontenay<P> JUVENILE DELINQUENT, by Edward W. Ludwig <P> LOST ART, by G. K. Hawk <P> NIGHT COURT, by Norman Arkawy <P> NOR DUST CORRUPT, by James Mc Connell <P> THE DRIVERS, by Edward W. Ludwig <P> INHIBITION, by James Causey <P> DEAREST ENEMY, by Fox Holden <P> THEY WERE DIFFERENT, by Neil J. Kenney <P> SHOCK TROOP, by Richard Bolton <P> PIONEERS, by Basil Wells <P> THE CYBER AND JUSTICE HOLMES, by Frank Riley <P> REJECT, by John Johnson <P> YOUR SERVANT, SIR, by Sol Boren <P> SELLER OF THE SKY, by Dave Dryfoos <P> THE PATRIOT, by Charles L. Fontenay <P> SLOW BURN, by Henry Still <P> TASK MISSION, by Fox B. Holden <P> THE ALMOST-MEN, by Irving E. Cox, Jr. <P> THE BARBARIANS, by Tom Godwin <P> THE 3RD PARTY, by Lee B. Holum <P> WHAT SHALL IT PROFIT?, by Poul Anderson <P> THE ELROOM, by Jerry Sohl <P> THE FLOATER, by Kenneth O’Hara <P> SHANGO, by John Jakes <P> THE HAPPY HERD, by Bryce Walton <P> THE LABORATORIANS, by Edward Peattie <P> WRONG ANALOGY, by Joseph Shallit <P> THE RUMBLE AND THE ROAR, by Stephen Bartholomew <P> THE OUTER QUIET, by Herbert D. Kastle <P> THE SCAMPERERS, by Charles A. Stearns <P> TO PAY THE PIPER, by James Blish <P> UNTIL LIFE DO US PART, by Winston Marks <P> WAR GAME, by Bryce Walton <P> THE MARGENES, by Miriam Allen De Ford <P> WILLIE’S PLANET, by Mike Ellis <P> THE ETHICATORS, by Willard Marsh <P> YOUR TIME IS UP, by Walt Sheldon <P> THE TWILIGHT YEARS, by Kirk and Garen Drussai <P> Z, by Charles L. Fontenay <P> THE PACIFISTS, by Charles E. Fritch <P> BLOW THE MAN DOWN, by Charles L. Fontenay <P> WITNESS, by George H. Smith <P> THE LAST CRUSADE, by George H. Smith <P> BRAIN TEASER, by Tom Godwin <P> VENUS ENSLAVED, by Manly Wade Wellman <P> MORGUE SHIP, by Ray Bradbury <P> OUTPOST ON IO, by Leigh Brackett <P> If you enjoy this entry in the MEGAPACK® series, check out the 400+ other volumes in the series, covering not just science fiction, but mysteries, adventure, romance, westerns, classics—and much, much more! Search for «wildside press megapack» (include the quote marks) in your favorite ebook store to see the available titles.