The Equality Act 2010 in Mental Health. Группа авторов

Юриспруденция, право.

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The Equality Act 2010 in Mental Health

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isbn 9780857005892

Автор произведения Группа авторов

Жанр Юриспруденция, право


Издательство Ingram

The Equality Act 2010 in Mental Health provides a critical guide to the Act: what it means for mental health services and how it should be implemented. It addresses each of the nine characteristics protected by the Act in turn, examining the research and practice issue associated with each and offering positive guidance. Contributors also highlight the broader issues associated with achieving equality in mental health, including conflicts between different forms of discrimination, the impact of budget cuts and the issue of inequality in wider society and how it relates to the mental health services. Finally, the book tackles organisational change and the implications for management practice, organisational structures and staff training. This book will be a valuable resource for those involved in providing mental health services, including managers and frontline workers across health and social care.