The Twenty-Third Century: Nontraditional Love. Rafael Grugman

Современная русская литература.

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The Twenty-Third Century: Nontraditional Love

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isbn 978-1-932686-36-4

Автор произведения Rafael Grugman

Жанр Современная русская литература


Издательство Мультимедийное издательство Стрельбицкого

The dystopian novel The Twenty-Third Century: Nontraditional Love describes an inverted (homosexual) world in which mixed-sex marriages are forbidden. Conception occurs in test tubes. In lesbian families, one of the women carries the child. Gay male couples turn to surrogate mothers to bring their children to term. The Netherlands is the only country where mixed-sex marriages are permitted. In this world intimacy between the opposite sexes is rejected, world history and the classics of world literature, such as Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Dumas… even the Bible – have been falsified in order to support the ideology of the homosexual world. In this world same-sex love is a traditional love. At the heart of the novel is a love story between a man and a woman who unfortunately were born as heterosexuals in a homosexual world and they forced to hide their feelings and their sexual orientation. The novel is similar to books written by George Orwell, such as 1984.