Suprematistic QR code: The Essence of the Legend. Elena Vasilevskaya


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Suprematistic QR code: The Essence of the Legend

Год выпуска 2021


Автор произведения Elena Vasilevskaya

Жанр Интернет


Издательство ЛитРес: Самиздат

The theme of the book "Suprematistic QR code: The essence of the legend" is relevant for considering modern reality as a natural stage in the chronological development of human civilization. Here the suprematist movement created by K. Malevich is comprehensively considered, which embodiment is the famous "Black Square" (1915) – the pearl of the avant-garde. The book contains facts of the synthesis of science and art, including metaphysical ones, manifested in our everyday life. This approach brings the reader to the idea of the global realization of Suprematism in the present, and shows that the reader himself is an integral part of this process. And the main physical embodiment is QR code – a repeater of the initial basic data of the cultural code in the "black square" form. The book includes reproductions of paintings by K. Malevich and the author, E. Vasilevskaya. The themes of the selected paintings reflect the results of theoretical work and touch on global topical issues.