Billionaires and Babies

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    Yuletide Baby Surprise

    Catherine Mann

    When Princess Mariama Mandara invades her old colleague Dr Rowan Boothe’s hotel room, he has no desire to become involved in her latest escapade.Until they discover an abandoned baby.Now Rowan needs her help and soon discovers Mari’s no pampered royal but an irresistible woman.Yet how long can their Christmas escape last?

    Double the Trouble

    Maureen Child

    Baby Bequest

    Robyn Grady

    All Gage Cameron had thought about, as he clawed his way to wealth and power, was the woman he'd loved and lost so many years before. Now Jenna Darley was home at last–and he finally had the means to make amends for the past. She was desperate to adopt her orphaned niece, but she couldn't unless she had a home, a husband.He offered her marriage–in name only–planning to stay only until the baby was safely in Jenna's arms. But a woman's passion, and a baby's love, gave the tycoon far more than he'd bargained for….

    The Ties that Bind

    Emilie Rose

    Billionaire's Jet-Set Babies

    Catherine Mann

    While cleaning a jet for entrepreneur Seth Jansen, Alexa Randall finds his one-year-old twins!Seth needs a temporary nanny; Alexa needs time for a one-on-one business pitch. So she says yes to an intimate stay on a lush Florida island. The babies remind her of the family she once wanted.And the nights with Seth are…incomparable. This billionaire could be the man of her dreams…