Mills & Boon Silhouette

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    Winning Back His Bride

    Teresa Southwick

    Wealthy businessman Michael Sullivan needs help on the most important project of his career–if he pulls this one off, his family's fortunes will be guaranteed for life. There's only one person who can help him–Geneva Porter! But what man in his right mind wants to work with the woman who left him standing at the altar…?Geneva had the best of reasons for walking away–but she's never told Michael why. Now Michael seems determined to win back his bride…and Geneva is hoping he still has a vacancy for her–as his wife!

    Too Close To Home

    Maureen Tan

    Brooke Tyler knows a thing or two about secrets. Growing up, she'd sworn to keep certain skeletons in the family closet. But her silence came at a heavy price, not the least of which was giving up the love of her life.Today, Brooke is a small-town cop, sworn to uphold the law and uncover the truth. Until her latest investigation unearths another long-buried secret: a dead body. And then others. A virtual killing field. As she delves into these murders, Brooke discovers more than she bargained for–that every secret she's ever kept was based on a lie….

    The Princess And The Duke

    Allison Leigh

    Princess Meredith Elizabeth Penwyck had filled her fantasies with Duke Pierceson Prescott's silvery-green gaze for as long as she could remember. But then they shared a steamy kiss at a royal wedding, and the pristine princess discovered that her feelings were much more than make-believe….Plagued by his perilous past, Duke Prescott had shielded his desire for Princess Meredith since he was a young cadet. But once her lips opened the floodgates of his passion and the truth behind his dark secrets came tumbling out, would he learn that the hole in his heart could only be healed by the princess's tender touch?

    Stella, Get Your Man

    Nancy Bartholomew

    Just once I'd like to have a plan go my way. Is that too much to ask?Smart-mouthed P.I. Stella Valocchi is finally in business, with the office and the aggravating employee–former fiancé Jake Carpenter–to prove it. And when a client with a sob story hires them to find her brother, success is one missing man away–until the search becomes hazardous to Stella's life. Threats, gunshots and car chases won't put her off the case. Neither will Jake's insistence that they be full partners–and maybe more. But the closer Stella is to getting her man, the more the case looks like a carefully set trap–and she's the bait….

    Stella, Get Your Gun

    Nancy Bartholomew

    She's just been shot at, arrested and thrown in jailBut trust former police officer Stella Valocchi–compared to last week, things are looking up.Last week she: a) caught her cop boyfriend in bed with her best friend, b) kidnapped the boyfriend's dog and c) ran for home, only to find the man who once left her at the altar presiding over her favorite uncle's funeral.This week Stella's hunting her uncle's killer. Being arrested on bogus charges just means she's on target. But to stay there she's got to confront the past–and her former fiancé–and stick to her guns in the face of shocking family secrets….

    In Sheep's Clothing

    Susan Warren May

    On the run from the murderer of her best friends, missionary Gracie Benson is all alone in Siberia. What she doesn't know is that she has in her possession a medical secret that will save millions of lives–or cost hers.Trying to keep her alive is an FSB agent, a man pursued by his own demons, including a killer who destroyed his father's life. He and Gracie find themselves in a decades-old mystery of betrayal and Cold War secrets. Only with the help of their friends–a group of Americans and Russians committed to freedom–can they outwit the old guard…and save Gracie's secret, as well as her life.

    And The Winner--Weds!

    Robin Wells

    At The Millionaire's Request

    Teresa Southwick

    When Sean Spencer lost the ability to speak as the result of a terrible accident, his father vowed to do anything to bring him back. Anything. Top of the list was to bring the best speech therapist money could buy to live in his sprawling mansion.Gavin thought that would be the easy part. But he hadn't met M.J. Taylor.She was a woman who had also dealt with tragedy–only her solution was to stop doing what she was born to do: work with young kids. And she thought nothing could change her mind–until Gavin Spencer forced his way into her life.

    Out With The Old, In With The New

    Nancy Thompson Robards

    Ask your husband what he's been doing all those nights he claimed to be at the hospital…The aforementioned suggestion would never be welcomed by any woman who'd been married for the better (well, mostly) part of twenty years. But for Kate Hennessey, who was celebrating turning forty by taking a fabulous vacation with her two best friends, the timing was not the best.Does she go, or does she stay?She'll get the answer soon enough. And though her world may be rocked, maybe she can cope better than we think. Because design is her business, after all. You know, changing things around and putting the pieces together in a whole new way….