Mills & Boon Silhouette

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    Driven To Distraction

    Tina Wainscott

    Driven to Distraction by Tina WainscottFreewheelin' itSix days, five hours, twenty-four minutes–that's all Barrett Wheeler has left. His tree-snail research is due, but he's taken up residence temporarily in the wackiest seniors' community in south Florida. It wouldn't be so bad, but the gorgeous twentysomething free spirit next door, one Stacy Jenkins, keeps distracting him from his work. Will they have a shot at some fun in the sun before time runs out?Winging It by Candy HallidayThe sky's the limitPilot Alec Southerland is just a man who can't say no. Can he help it if women flock to him, or if he's too considerate to hurt their feelings? He's also exactly the type of man Mackenzie Malone's mother always warned her about–too good-looking, too popular with the women and guaranteed to bring heartache. Yet Mackenzie's finding it increasingly difficult pretending her sexy neighbor doesn't get her motor humming, too, especially when the harder she tries to avoid him, the more he happens to turn up!

    A Regular Joe

    Jennifer Drew

    A Regular Joe by Carol Finch Mr. Ordinary, he's not!CEO Daniel Grayson wanted to escape his frustrating corporate world. So he assumed a fake identity to go mingle with the masses. When store manager Mattie Roland hired Joe Gray, he seemed a godsend. And, against company policy, she was soon shamelessly exchanging kisses with her handsome new hire. Until the day she found out that he was no regular Joe….Mr. Right Under Her Nose by Jennifer Drew Reconfiguring Mr. WrongOne minute, Kim Grant was stuffing spilled lingerie into her busted suitcase. The next, her fingers connected with steel–under silk–as white knight Rick Taylor helped her to save face. Her rescuer was sexy, intelligent…and stood between her and the sole rental car she needed to get home. So, before long, Kim found herself on a crosscountry adventure with a man who had all the makings of Mr. Right–except that he was dead-set against marriage….

    Meet Me under the Mistletoe

    Julianna Morris

    THE PLIGHT OF A SINGLE DAD…No sooner had they settled in Washington than history repeated itself: the welcoming committee of available women. The casseroles. A widower Alex McKenzie I might be, but he was not looking for a new wife.' His four-year-old son, however, had picked a new mommy…just in time for the holidays.Next-door neighbor Shannon O'Rourke was striking, successful and single. Not once, though, had she come bearing casseroles. (Her twoalarm-fire attempt at baking Christmas cookies with his boy fquite possibly the reason.) Homemaker material or not, Shannon had resurrected Hiis withdrawn son…when even he had failed.For that, he was tempted to kiss her. I Where was mistletoe when you needed it?

    Doctor Seduction

    Beverly Bird

    After they survived a traumatic ordeal together, Dr. Sam Walters felt a bond so strong for pediatric nurse Caitlyn Matthews that he could barely look at her without wanting to take her home.Every time their eyes locked, Sam knew there was no turning back for either of them–that their feelings could only grow deeper. But how could he get involved with a woman who would expect a future? After all, he had a reputation to uphold as Mission Creek's resident scoundrel. But did any of this matter when a new threat might take away the only woman he would ever love?


    Sharron McClellan

    Athena Academy's darkest nemesis is gunning for her, but USMC Combatant Diver Jessica Whittaker is not easily intimidated. Without thinking twice, she volunteers to help bring down the school's deadliest enemy.Her assignment: an expeditionary mission aboard a sunken ship. Salvaging for clues on an abandoned vessel should have been simple. But a hostile force–and an unbelievably handsome diving buddy–has turned up the heat. If Jess ever wants to set foot on dry land again she'll have to contend with her enemy–and her lover–or risk revealing her deepest secret.

    Holidays Are Murder

    Charlotte Douglas

    THE HOLIDAYS?–DON'T YOU JUST LOVE 'EM?Been overstressed at work? Ever wish the holidays would go on an extended vacation? Worried about finding the perfect gift? Or had unresolved conflicts with family that drive you up the wall?Detective Maggie Skerritt is every woman who's been there, done that.She also excels at her work, doesn't eat right or get enough sleep and loves to have someone else do her cooking. But her job is murder and she strives to make her city safe. In the process, she gathers her courage to risk loving again.But first she has to make it through Thanksgiving, Christmas…and another murder in Pelican Bay.

    Snowbound Sweetheart

    Judy Christenberry

    Spending the night with a sexy, bossy cowboy had not been Lindsay Crawford's idea! But when a storm left her snowbound with gruff Gil Daniels, she had to be practical. And though his kisses made her quite warm, nothing happened!Trouble was, Lindsay's big, strong brothers didn't believe them. They recognized the look in Lindsay's eyes–and more important, the one in Gil's! Luckily, they respected him enough to hold off on the shotgun and let him do the right thing.But Lindsay wouldn't marry because it was «right»–she wanted true love. Because then the walls of Jericho might come crashing down….

    Kidnapping His Bride

    Hayley Gardner

    GRIFF LEDOUX HAD ALWAYS SWEPT HER OFF HER FEETAnd he did it again, just as Tessa Blake was getting ready to walk down the aisle. He threw her over his shoulder, wedding gown and all, and carried her right out of the church–and demanded to know why she was marrying someone she couldn't possibly love….The moment he touched her, she felt like a young girl again–the lovesick woman he'd once walked away from without a backward glance. But what could they have between them, after all these years? And what would he do if he knew she was marrying for the sake of a child–a child he'd never known was his…?

    A Saddle Made For Two

    Roxann Delaney

    JUST ONE KISS…Cowboys! Ellie Warren had met enough arrogant men on the rodeo circuit to last her ten lifetimes. She had plans–and they didn't include a hard-bodied, blue-eyed distraction named Chace Brannigan. But with just one kiss from the bronc-riding champion, Ellie knew her lonely heart threatened her neatly laid plans….As Ellie slipped from his protective embrace, Chace had an overwhelming feeling of needs aching to be fulfilled. But he had promises to keep, and a woman had no place in them. Yet something about Ellie's solitary goals made him long for things unspoken. Perhaps together they could design a saddle made for two…?

    The Marine's Kiss

    Shirley Jump

    Report Card for «Student»: U.S. Marine Nathaniel Dole « Teacher»: Jenny Wright SKILLSReading: The children have this tough soldier wrapped around their little fingers. It's obvious the children hang on his every word. What more could a woman…er, a teacher, ask for? Speaking: Nate's knack for downplaying his heroic past makes him even more fascinating for the children–and their teacher.AREAS THAT NEED IMPROVEMENTInteraction with Others: It's clear that he's nearly healed, but Nate continues to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. Perhaps he needs after-school tutoring and a little TLC? Physical Education: What's a woman got to do to get one little kiss? Maybe after the tutoring sessions…