The Drakon Baby Bargain. Tara Pammi

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Название The Drakon Baby Bargain
Автор произведения Tara Pammi
Жанр Короткие любовные романы
Серия Mills & Boon Modern
Издательство Короткие любовные романы
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9781474052542

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      A deal sealed with passion!

      Illegitimate and overlooked, Eleni, Princess of Drakon, yearns for a family. At a masquerade ball, one stolen kiss with a stranger sparks an opportunity! Gabriel Marquez wants her to care for his child—could this be Eleni’s chance to strike a deal of her own?

      Gabriel, Drakon’s biggest investor, is shocked by Eleni’s bold bargaining...but a convenient marriage would be advantageous to them both! He’ll gain a stand-in mother for his daughter, and Eleni the baby she longs for. Except Gabriel hasn’t predicted the fire raging between which will bind them together forever!

      “Come now, Princesa. You had the nerve to propose marriage to me. Don’t shy away now.”

      “I…I do not ask for your fidelity or your love, Gabriel. I do not need such delusions in my life. I only ask that you give me…”

      Such color filled Eleni’s cheeks that Gabriel stared, transfixed. Her lips trembled and she dug her teeth into the lower one. Lust punched him like an invisible blow, and it was all he could do not to tug at that lower lip and taste her himself.

      “Eleni?” he prompted, in a harsh voice set on edge by the delectable temptation she made.

      “I want a baby. A child of my own. I was in the process of going through adoption agencies when you…you threatened to pull your company out of Drakon. It’s not something I’m willing to give up on—for anyone.”

      Every muscle in his body stiffened. Every instinct he possessed warned him to walk away from this deal with this woman. But even as he processed it, he had to admire her guts.

      “A baby? You’re bargaining for a baby?”

       The Drakon Royals

      Royalty has never looked this scandalous!

      To the outside world, the Drakon Royals have the world at their feet. Yet beneath the surface black-hearted Crown Prince Andreas, his daredevil younger brother Prince Nikandros and their illegitimate sister Princess Eleni hide the secrets of their family name…

      Until one brush with desire, and then all the Drakons find themselves at the heart of their very own scandal!

      Find out what happens in:

      Crowned for the Drakon Legacy

      April 2017

      The Drakon Baby Bargain

      June 2017

      Look out for Andreas’s story

      September 2017

      You won’t want to miss this outrageously scandalous new trilogy from Tara Pammi!

      The Drakon Baby Bargain

      Tara Pammi


      TARA PAMMI can’t remember a moment when she wasn’t lost in a book—especially a romance, which was much more exciting than a mathematics textbook at school. Years later, Tara’s wild imagination and love for the written word revealed what she really wanted to do. Now she pairs alpha males who think they know everything with strong women who knock that theory and them off their feet!

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