The Secret Sanchez Heir. Cathy Williams

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Название The Secret Sanchez Heir
Автор произведения Cathy Williams
Жанр Короткие любовные романы
Серия Mills & Boon Modern
Издательство Короткие любовные романы
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9781474052511

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      “Marriage, Abigail. Like it or not, there’s no other way.”

      Leandro Sanchez never forgot the beautiful virgin who lit a fire in him like no other—then betrayed him. When Abigail Christie appears on his doorstep, Leandro decides one last explosive night is the only way to get her out of his system. But Abigail has a secret...their son!

      Leandro’s discovery of the true consequence of their steamy nights leaves Abigail completely at the billionaire’s mercy. The Spanish tycoon always gets what he wants, and now he’s determined to legitimize his seducing Abigail into wearing his ring!

      ‘We have a child. A son.’

      Their eyes tangled. A son. There was no way that Leandro was going to cave in and believe Abby but…fatherhood. It was something he had never considered. Never wanted! He’d seen from his own unstable childhood that the production of children was something that could go horribly wrong. He’d not only learned from his own experience but he’d learned from his sister’s. He’d never wished to reproduce and take a chance on being a father. It wasn’t in his make-up.

      What if she was telling the truth? Faced with that possibility, Leandro suddenly knew what it felt like for one’s world to fall apart. He’d sought order all his life, to combat the lack of order that had marked his formative years, and there could be nothing more disastrous and explosive when it came to destroying all that hard-fought-for order than the arrival of a child.

      But, no, he wasn’t going to think like that.

      He was a cool, rational man. He forced his thoughts away from possibilities. Possibilities counted for nothing.


      ‘I beg your pardon?’

      ‘You tell me that I’m a father. Then let me see my son.’

      CATHY WILLIAMS can remember reading Mills & Boon books as a teenager, and now that she is writing them she remains an avid fan. For her, there is nothing like creating romantic stories and engaging plots, and each and every book is a new adventure. Cathy lives in London. Her three daughters—Charlotte, Olivia and Emma—have always been, and continue to be, the greatest inspirations in her life.

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      The Secret Sanchez Heir

      Cathy Williams


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      THROUGH THE WINDOWS of the airy den tucked away in the west wing of his sprawling country mansion, Leandro Sanchez had a bird’s eye view of what could only be called the inevitable end of his six-month relationship