Bound by the Kincaid Baby / The Millionaire's Miracle. Emilie Rose

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Название Bound by the Kincaid Baby / The Millionaire's Miracle
Автор произведения Emilie Rose
Жанр Контркультура
Серия Mills & Boon Desire
Издательство Контркультура
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9781408908051

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       Bound by the Kincaid Baby by Emilie Rose


       If Carly was as squeaky clean as the PI reported, then Mitch would have to find another way to get custody of the boy. But how could he win her over?

      Seduction? The idea shot across his mind like a comet. He weighed the possibility, and his pulse quickened and his palms tingled the way they did whenever he had a winning plan.

      Guilt punched him a time or two, but he ignored it. Mitch had to carry out his father’s last wishes or lose his and his siblings’ inheritance. If that meant he had to blur the lines of decency, then so be it.

      Sharing her bed wouldn’t be a hardship. But how far would he have to go?

      As far as it takes.

       The Millionaire’s Miracle by Cathleen Galitz


       “This will be the last favour I ever ask of you.”

      Gillian reminded herself that the pure animal magnetism she felt for him could not overshadow the fact that Bryce was the most infuriating creature God had ever put on this earth. And that she could never forgive him for letting her down when she’d needed him the most.

      He cut her to pieces with a look of disdain. “I don’t suppose you remember the last favour I asked of you.”

      Gillian shrugged her shoulders. “You’ll have to refresh my memory.”

      Instead of honouring her request, he said, “I’ve got to hand it to you. You’ve got gall waltzing into my life after all this time, acting like a little girl lost and playing on my sympathies.”

      “Sympathy isn’t a word anyone associates with you.”

      Bound by the Kincaid Baby


      The Millionaire’s Miracle



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      Emilie Rose


      lives in North Carolina with her college sweetheart husband and four sons. Writing is Emilie’s third (and hopefully last) career. She’s managed a medical office and run a home day-care, neither of which offers half as much satisfaction as plotting happy endings. Her hobbies include quilting, gardening and cooking (especially cheesecake). Her favourite TV shows include ER, CSI and Discovery Channel’s medical programmes. Emilie’s a country music fan because she can find an entire book in almost any song.

      Letters can be mailed to:

      Emilie Rose

      PO Box 20145,

      Raleigh, NC 27619, USA

      E-mail: [email protected]

      Dear Reader,

      I think most of us have lived the old adage “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” If not, look out. Your turn’s coming. And trust me, being forced out of a rut is not a bad thing – once you get over the initial shock.

      What I like about romance novels is that after a little squirming, the characters jump off the hook and swim right into the current of change rather than crawl to shore and hide in the shade the way most of us would.

      Mitch Kincaid and Carly Corbin’s lives are cruising along happily and then wham! Life happens. In trying to fulfil their loved ones’ dying wishes, Mitch and Carly are forced to face their greatest fears and weaknesses, but in the process they’re able to forge something better together than either one began with.

      I’m raising my mug of chocolate coffee and hoping we’ll all be as brave and as lucky if change comes a’knocking at our doors.

      Happy reading!

       Emilie Rose

      To friends found when we’re not looking.

       Sometimes they are the ones who show us

       a new and better perspective.


      “Consider it done,” Mitch Kincaid said Sunday afternoon to the trio gathered around the Kincaid Manor dining-room table for the reading of his father’s will.

      “Don’t make it sound easy. Nothing involving a woman ever is,” his older brother, Rand, warned.

      “Hey!” their younger sister, Nadia, protested.

      Richards, the attorney, looked over his half-glasses at Mitch. “The child is your half brother and stands to inherit one quarter of your father’s estate. When billions of dollars are involved, unforeseen complications often arise.”

      “Let me get this straight. I’m supposed to bring my father’s illegitimate son home to Kincaid Manor and keep him here for one year,” Mitch summarized the absurd scenario Richards had read moments ago. It didn’t sound any better now than it had then.

      “That is correct. And if you fail to complete your task, you will also fail to inherit your share of Everett’s estate.” Richards paused to scan the three legitimate Kincaid offspring. “You all will. And everything Everett possessed will be sold to Kincaid Cruise Line’s chief rival for one dollar.”

      Billions in assets and investments down the toilet. Fifty ships. Five more on order. Eight branded cruise lines under the Kincaid umbrella. Sixty thousand employees. All resting on Mitch’s shoulders.

      He tried to shrug off the crushing weight. Kincaid Cruise Lines wasn’t just his job; it was his life, his wife, his mistress, his child. He wasn’t like his brother, who, if not for their father’s unexpected death three days ago, wouldn’t be in Miami now. Rand had walked away from the family and the business five years ago without looking back.

      Mitch wouldn’t let KCL go without a fight. That meant not only did he have to accomplish his assigned task, but also he had to make damned sure each of his siblings held up their end of the inheritance obligations, too. Or lose everything.