In the compartment. Full version. Nikolay Lakutin

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Название In the compartment. Full version
Автор произведения Nikolay Lakutin
Жанр Современные любовные романы
Издательство Современные любовные романы
Год выпуска 2019

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бложка книги разработана автором в дизайнерской программе и является интеллектуальной собственностью Николая Лакутина.

      On the scoreboard of the Krasnodar railway station the inscription:

      "Flight 242S Adler-Novokuznetsk arrived on the 2nd way. The departure time of 22.49»

      People hastily began to move to land. Nazar arrived to his car, when the conductor checked the ticket peredistijs men.

      Adler-Novokuznetsk? he asked the guide.

      "Yes, Hello, let me see what you have," said the guide.

      Nazar held out the ticket, having familiarized with which the conductor is made:

      – Yes, that's right, just our car. May I have your passport?

      Nazar submitted his passport. The conductor checked the data with the ticket.

      – Please come in.

      A few minutes later he was walking down the corridor, peering at the compartment numbers. The fourth issue, the thirteenth, the fourth compartment… fourth compartment… Here it is.

      – Oh, lucky, ' came a voice clear leader-jovial attendant of the company.

      – Good evening, may I join you? – a nice soft tone greeted Nazar set in a coupe guys.

      "Go ahead –" said the second man, who was sitting just on the bottom shelf, intended for a new companion, who quickly released the shelf by moving to a neighbor. On the top shelf someone slept, or pretended. Anyway, on the occasion of the celebration and celebration of the new neighbor, the passenger from the top shelf did not show himself.

      – Far? a smiling companion asked.

      – in Novosibirsk.

      We Stasanor early exit.

      – Why did you say lucky? Nazar turned to the merry fellow.

      – Well, then, you have what?

      – Thirteenth.

      – Well… that's what I mean…

      – Clear, and I'm not superstitious, I don't care, as long as the company pleasant the road was.

      – Don't worry, a day or two will shake together, a conversation develops like, come on, what do to meet people? Peter – the man with a smile held out his hand.

      – Nazar.

      – Stas, – held out hand another guy.

      – Nazar.

      – Nastya, all of a sudden from the top shelf came a voice, and extends a graceful maiden's hand for an awkward imitation of a strong man's handshake.

      Raising his head, Nazar saw a pretty smiling girl's head with disheveled hair sticking out from under the blanket.

      – Nazar, nice to meet you.

      – Also going to Novosibirsk? she said with a pleasant smile.

      – Yeah.

      – And we said "very nice" when they got to know, Oh Nazar Nazar, just appeared, and already making confusion and uncertainty in the ranks of the passengers. Everywhere double standards, that for country, – with feigned resentment shrugged it off Peter.

      Nazar once again looked at Nastya, caught her fleeing smiling eyes. She immediately turned to the wall and continued to sleep. And Nazar seated sounded sitting in front of men:

      – On the occasion of the truce offer fifty!

      – Uh…"no, brother, you have offended us to the very heart. So only a hundred! Stas played along.

      – No question, winked new neighbor, getting out of the exclusive bags is not a cheap bottle.

      – Company… the evening ceases to be languid. Well, nastyuha, hold on, now apply stronger fall our shackles of timidity I… – slapping the palm of one hand on the fist of the other, it is clear describing the actions of a sexual nature, said Peter.

      Hearing clapping She turned around from the shelf, and managed to see the gesture. Peter swiftly removed his hands behind his back, pretending that he had nothing and he isn't even said and done.

      – Petya, native, and do I mind, – kindly and gently said Nastya, – of course, we can start now.

      And he added, sharply changing the intonation:

      Without me!

      Nazar quickly orientated himself in the situation:

      – Uh, no, I won't be a part of this either!

      Peter in despair jokingly and seriously at the same time appealed to the Stas:

      – Stasyan, well! You're the only hope. Do not leave a friend in a difficult hour!

      Stas fearfully shook his head, looking for help from the neighbors in the compartment. He huddled in the corner of his lower shelf, pulling the blanket over himself, pretending to hide from Peter. There was laughter in the compartment.

      Nastya decided to take part in the fun too. She straightened her hair, put herself in order and, hanging from the top shelf, assessing the elite bottle, asked:

      – So, guys, we're juicing and I fifty grams, I also want.

      – Stasyan, crawl out from under the blanket, the situation is improving, – Peter addressed his friend.

      – That doesn't mean anything. I am ready to participate only in the plan to SIP! – said Nastya, choosing a place for landing from the upper deck chair.

      Peter instantly changed his face:

      – SIP? My girl, why do you keep telling all our secrets like that?..

      Nastya, without hesitation, threw a pillow at his head to Peter, he fell down on the lounger next to Stas.

      – Vulgar! – she explained her actions.

      Elegantly descended, Nastya turned to Nazar:

      –I'll sit next to you?

      – Please, Yes, please – said a new passenger.

      Nastya sat down next to Nazar, pouring wine into glasses.

      "Let's have a little," he suggested, setting the bottle aside.

      The clink of glasses rang in the compartment. The first estimated Peter:

      – Not bad, not bad at all.

      – Well went, – supported Stas.

      Nastya stretched pleasure.

      – I've never tried anything like it. Where did you get this work of art? she said, turning to Nazar.

      The answer was slightly unexpected:

      "It's a gift, I don't know where it's sold or sold. I think it was a private collection.

      Peter, rethinking what he had heard, took a fresh look at the remains in the glass:

      Wow and you have not regretted this exclusive random passengers?

      – Random? No, I'm inclined to believe that coincidences in life does not happen, – said Nazar.

      – Sensible! – biting, put his contribution Stas.

      Nastya was curious:

      – Why did you get such a rare souvenir?

      – And who? Peter added.

      Nazar appreciated the interest and, smiling, replied:

      I'll tell you.

      The companions rubbed their hands in anticipation.

      – But first on the second! Peter cried out ahead of the story.

      Nastya sighed, looking disapprovingly at Peter. Nazar pour into second and began his story:

      "Yes, it's a matter of chance. I was in the right place at the right time. I went to Krasnodar on other business, and common interests led to an interesting acquaintance. A Georgian, who speaks excellent Russian, invited me to celebrate his birthday. He has lived for many years in Krasnodar, relatives send him all