What A Woman Should Know. Cara Colter

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Название What A Woman Should Know
Автор произведения Cara Colter
Жанр Современные любовные романы
Издательство Современные любовные романы
Год выпуска 0

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      Was there any possibility that he could feel the same way about her that she did about him?

      Of course not, Tally realized. J. D. Turner was the charter member of the Ain’t Getting Married, No Way, Never Club. And if he ever gave up his membership, it wouldn’t be for a girl like her.

      He leaned toward her and cupped her hand behind her head. She knew she should pull away. She knew that, and yet she greedily wanted every moment he would give her.

      Their lips met.

      All the control—which she had tried so hard all her life to have—evaporated, just like that. She felt her lips part at his gentle insistence.

      His tongue explored the contours of her mouth until they were both panting with wanting, both of them unleashing that which had been so tightly leashed.



      And the scariest thing of all: hope.

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      What a Woman Should Know

      Cara Colter


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      shares ten acres in the wild Kootenay region of British Columbia with the man of her dreams, three children, two horses, a cat with no tail and a golden retriever who answers best to “bad dog.” She loves reading, writing and the woods in winter (no bears). She says life’s delights include an automatic garage door opener and the skylight over the bed that allows her to see the stars at night.

      She also says, “I have not lived a neat and tidy life, and used to envy those who did. Now I see my struggles as having given me a deep appreciation of life, and of love, that I hope I succeed in passing on through the stories that I tell.”

      J. D. Turner’s idea of…

      What a Woman Should Know

      1) One should not settle for stainless-steel appliances instead of wild nights of passion.

      2) Too many rules are damaging to a small boy’s spirit, to anyone’s spirit.

      3) Germs are rarely deadly. Dog kisses are one of life’s delights.

      4) Small boys (and big ones) need to get dirty.

      5) Life needs to hold surprises.

      6) Women who get married for security end up like dried old prunes who don’t laugh enough and are prone to depression in their middle years.


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      Chapter One

      John David Turner loved to sing. The louder the better. He loved to sing until the rafters rang with the sound of his voice, until the walls vibrated around him. He sang when he was happy, and today had been a damned good day, even if he had hurt his shoulder pulling the engine from Clyde Walters’s ’72 Mustang.

      Of course, there was only one place a guy with a singing voice like his—raspy, out-of-key and thunderous—could make noise like that, and that was in the shower. J.D. was indulging himself now.

      The hot water pounding