Chasing Dreams. Cara Colter

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Название Chasing Dreams
Автор произведения Cara Colter
Жанр Современные любовные романы
Издательство Современные любовные романы
Год выпуска 0

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      The man had a huge and undeniable presence.

      He pushed through the small gathering and stood before her.

      “Are you all right?”

      Jessica must have bumped her head harder than she thought. She felt suddenly paralyzed, as if she couldn’t breathe. “I’m f-f-fine,” she managed to stammer.

      “Jessica King?”

      “How did you know?”

      Lucky guess. Did she detect dryness in his tone? He scowled and, without warning, touched the corner of her lip.

      Intellectually, Jessica supposed she had known life could change—completely, irrevocably, permanently—in a split second. She supposed she had always had a peripheral awareness that fate and the most well-planned of lives were sometimes on a collision course. What she had not believed was that something as innocuous as a chance meeting, a rough finger laid on the delicate skin of her upper lip, could bring on this sensation.

      That everything about her reasonable and well-ordered life had just changed.

      Dear Reader,

      After looking at winter’s bleak landscape and feeling her icy cold breezes, I found nothing to be more rewarding than savoring the warm ocean breezes from a poolside lounge chair as I read a soon-to-be favorite book or two! Of course, as I choose my books for this long-anticipated outing, this month’s Silhouette Romance offerings will be on the top of my pile.

      Cara Colter begins the month with Chasing Dreams (#1818), part of her A FATHER’S WISH trilogy. In this poignant title, a beautiful academic moves outside her comfort zone and feels alive for the first time in the arms of a brawny man who would seem her polar opposite. When an unexpected night of passion results in a pregnancy, the hero and heroine learn that duty can bring its own sweet rewards, in Wishing and Hoping (#1819), the debut book in beloved series author Susan Meier’s THE CUPID CAMPAIGN miniseries. Elizabeth Harbison sets out to discover whether bustling New York City will prove the setting for a modern-day fairy tale when an ordinary woman comes face-to-face with one of the world’s most eligible royals, in If the Slipper Fits (#1820). Finally, Lissa Manley rounds out the month with The Parent Trap (#1821), in which two matchmaking girls set out to invent a family.

      Be sure to return next month when Cara Colter concludes her heartwarming trilogy.

      Happy reading!

      Ann Leslie Tuttle

      Associate Senior Editor

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      shares ten acres in the wild Kootenay region of British Columbia with the man of her dreams, three children, two horses, a cat with no tail and a golden retriever who answers best to “bad dog.” She loves reading, writing and the woods in winter (no bears). She says life’s delights include an automatic garage door opener and the skylight over the bed that allows her to see the stars at night. She also says, “I have not lived a neat and tidy life, and used to envy those who did. Now I see my struggles as having given me a deep appreciation of life, and of love, that I hope I succeed in passing on through the stories that I tell.”

      A Mechanic’s Guide to Love and Restoring Classic Cars:

1.Start with good “bones”; what’s beneath the surface is what makes a car…and a woman…beautiful
2.Be patient
3.Be persistent
4.Do your homework so you’ll know what you are working with
5.Trust that what is and what can be are only separated by desire, determination and a little bit of help from fate



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      “That insolent young pup!” Jake King slammed down the phone. He was eighty-three years old, he was one of the wealthiest and most respected businessmen in America and he was dying. He had a right to have his wishes granted!

      They were simple wishes: happy marriages for the three daughters born to him so late in his life and a perfectly