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Too Much!

Richard C. Simms

This book of satirical military comics is a humorous look at life in the military during the Korean war era.Cartoonist Richard C. Simms entered the service in 1953 where he spent a short but delightful sixteen weeks at Fort Riley, and thereafter was sent to Korea, where he spent the rest of his Army career. He wasted no time establishing himself as a talented cartoonist, with a sharp eye for the ironical. With the termination of his contract with the Army, Simms returned to the United States to enter art school on a full-time basis. He took all of his material from everyday happenings he observed and survived while in the military and captured his perspective on paper.Whether you're a GI or civilian, WAC or DAC, broke or sober, you'll enjoy the wit and wham of this book.

Мосты и медали

Фёдор Иванович Быханов

Тщеславие, как известно, всегда было двигателем прогресса. И остаётся таким по сей день, когда люди гоняются за деньгами, чтобы затем сверкать золотой улыбкой, интригуют в высоких кабинетах, добиваясь очередной для себя награды. А то и просто собирают в коллекцию всякую ерунду, чтобы прослыть знатоком данного предмета. Вот о таких представителях нашей цивилизации и рассказывает юмористическая поэма Фёдора Быханова под названием "Мосты и медали". И если кто-то узнает себя в её героях и попробует начать жить иначе, то, наверное, окружающий мир будет удобнее для всех и светлее!

Cottage Daze 2-Book Bundle

James Ross

This special bundle contains both of James Ross’ essential companion volumes to the great Canadian tradition of life at the cottage. Who doesn’t remember sitting in a frigid lake, trying to help a youngster get up on water skis for the first time, launching a boat while the whole world seems to be watching, or getting caught up in a nest of wasps? These collections of stories, elegantly organized into four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), will make readers laugh, cry, and long to be at the cottage a «must have» for every cottage bookshelf. Cottage Daze Still in a Daze at the Cottage

Sex in a Tent

Michelle Waitzman

A mostly fun, sometimes serious guide to love, sex, and adventure in the great outdoors. Author Michelle Waitzman has years of experience «playing the field» in the backcountry, and this book is full of her tricks. Showing you the best positions for campers (the tent tango), to how to look and feel sexy when you haven't bathed in days (go skinny-dipping), she inspires you to leave behind the boring bed sheets and crawl into a tantalizing tent. Filled with advice, positions, games, and tricks, this book will expose you to orgasmic opportunities for love, sex, and outdoor adventure. Includes original illustrations with playful and inspiring ideas for outdoor lovemaking, and dozens of tell-all tales and suggestions from other outdoor adventurers.

Asylum Earth

Charles Bragg

Artist, Charles Bragg brings us a view of his own special reality—and sheds new light on what we know of our own.In Asylum Earth, nothing is quite as it seems. Toulouse-Laurec shares a room with El Greco in «Art Heaven,» while back among the living, an irate «Letter to the Editor» demands that someone go in and finish «all those impressionist paintings—why leave just an impression?»Irrelevant and brilliantly funny, Bragg brings us a view of his own special reality—and sheds new light on what we know of our own. Witticisms, satire, and irony abound, and no profession or institution escapes Bragg's sharp eye. Often compared to Daumier, Nast, and Bosch, Bragg is a master of observation. Once our human frailties are scrutinized by his myopic gaze, we may never see ourselves in quite the same way again! Illustrated throughout with Bragg's paintings and etchings.

Think Like a White Man

Dr Boulé Whytelaw III

By following the White Man Commandments – namely, that winning justifies anything and everything – you too can achieve success beyond your capabilities.
With lessons on the value of shock and awe, putting compassion on the back-burner and pretending racism doesn’t exist, Think Like a White Man teaches you how to understand, overcome and overthrow the White Man in the whiter-shade-of-pale world of work.

Be a Happier Parent or Laugh Trying

Betsy Kerekes

This isn't that parenting book. You know, the kind that makes you feel utterly inadequate and convinced you’ll probably mess up your little humans. As author, speaker, and mom Betsy Kerekes is here to tell you it’s not about being a «better» parent, it’s about being a happier parent. Not when your kids are older, not when your kids are easier, but right now. Today even. And it’s possible, with a little laughter. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in Be a Happier Parent or Laugh Trying : You CAN be a happier parent What a good parent is (and how to be one even when you don’t feel like it) How to actually have fun with your kids Defusing tantrums doesn’t require a PhD Discipline is not a dirty word When kids tidy up, something amazing happens (besides seeing your carpet again) Wrangling kids at Mass is totally worth it Click here to register for the related webcast ABOUT THE AUTHOR Betsy Kerekes is coauthor of 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person and 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage. She has contributed articles to Aleteia, MercatorNet, Catholic Lane, Catholic Exchange, Catholic Mom, The Southern Cross , and Creative Minority Report , and has been a frequent guest on Catholic radio nationwide. Kerekes is editor and director of online publications for the Ruth Institute. She home-schools her children and writes about her experiences in motherhood at parentingisfunny.wordpress.com.

Clueless in Galilee

Mac Barron

READER ALERT Three things to know about this book before you buy it: 1. If you can’t handle jokes about Jesus being cranky when he was hungry – turn back now. 2. If you think that the disciples were perfect men – prepare to be disillusioned. 3. If you think Jesus only has really smart and gifted people for friends – guess again. Are you up for a crazy ride through Scripture? Do you want to be in on the jokes and the hidden treasures in many of the passages you thought you knew by heart? Do you want to see how, despite the inevitable weaknesses of our human nature, God has a plan for us? If you said yes, then this book is for you. In Clueless in Galilee: A Fresh Take on the Gospels , author Mac Barron assures us that Jesus loves us, even though we’re human. We know this, because the Bible says so. Over and over and over again. With its hilarious, sometimes irreverent, and always humble reflections, this book will make you laugh and help you look at the Bible – and yourself – in a whole new way. “Funny and off-kilter in the best way, Mac Barron will help you look with fresh eyes at people in the Bible you thought you knew and discover that they were all too human.” – Bishop Robert Reed, The CatholicTV Network ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mac Barron grew up in South Georgia, met his wife at church camp, and taught for twelve years before becoming a high school librarian. Along the way he and his wife became Catholic, and they host the award-winning podcast Catholic in a Small Town . Mac lives with his wife, four sons, and his golden retrever in a small town.