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Senior Year, '94

Megan B. March

The story continues for Mia Adams as she starts the second semester of her junior year as a newly minted senior, persisting with her early graduation goals. School seems to be the least of her problems as she navigates the difficult labyrinth that has now become her life. From a strained romantic relationship to prickly situations among those once considered close friends to dealing with personal loss, senior year isn't shaping up to be an exciting time in her life as expected given that situations seem to bring more heartache than happiness, leaving Mia wondering, "What next?"

Daniels Song

Katherine Dobney

When the angel Daniel is sent to Earth as a result of his misdeeds, he is instructed to take care of the suffering children. For over a thousand years this is his life with no chance of returning to heaven. Daniel and his family of angels on Earth carry on watching over mankind from their northwest home. One day Daniel is tasked with helping a young woman during a terrible tragedy. Unlike the dying children he has nurtured, this soul is alive. Hope is not just her name but also her destiny as she teaches Daniel lessons he never expected here on Earth. Her healing becomes part of his healing until a lost angel comes into their lives. Alexander has a history with Daniel that must be addressed but Daniel goes a step too far in his efforts to protect Hope. The judgment for his actions could only be decided in heaven. The relationships built in a family from Earth and a family from heaven will lead Daniel down a path he was never expecting.

Junior Year, 93-94

Megan B. March

For Mia Adams, her junior year of high school brings challenges; both professionally and personally. As she works hard to achieve her goal of graduating early, she juggles unexpected dilemmas among close friends and a long distance relationship with her fiancé, Jensen Meyers, who is having his own difficulty resisting certain temptations of college life. Just when she thinks she has a grip on the disarray surrounding her life, Mia is thrust into an unexpected predicament of her own where she must make a potentially life-altering decision in order to help her fiancé deal with his state of affairs.

First Time Fantasies Fulfilled: The Best Friend

Charles Arturo Miller

Join Wendy and Charles on a sexy and unique adventure. Charles finds himself in a surprising situation with his wife Wendy and her best friend Samantha as they all get to know one another. Themes of bi-curious exploration, domination, public-play and submission ring throughout this erotic tale and Charles and Wendy&#39;s marriage is anything but typical or boring. These stories are based on real events.<br><br>This series of books explores first-time experiences that range from sexy to taboo as Wendy and Charles push the limits of their sexual explorations. Boundaries are broken and jealousy is abandoned. It&#39;s a wild ride each time these two do something new.

Sophomore Year, 92-93

Megan B. March

A year ago, a naive Mia Adams entered high school as a freshman. If you had asked her where she&#39;d be in a year, she would not have imagined just how different her life would be. Now, entering her sophomore year, she&#39;s an independent young woman with adult responsibilities. She&#39;s beginning a new chapter embracing a rekindled bond with her father and a strong, passionate relationship with her boyfriend. Everything feels just as it should until her perfect world is completely turned upside down and she&#39;s forced into a future she would not have chosen.

Сандра. Путь мага. Книга вторая

Элина Лунева

Во второй книге этого романа героине предстоит столкнуться с реальной жизнью вне стен магической академии. Её ждет суровые реалии этого нового мира, где слово женщины ничего не стоит, где на каждом углу подстерегает смертельная опасность, а жестокость и насилие повсюду. Ей предстоит выжить в этом мире и постараться не потерять себя. Содержит нецензурную брань.

Freshman Year, 91-92

Megan B. March

When we graduate the eighth grade and get ready to start our freshman year of high school, our parents don&#39;t sit us down and warn us about what we&#39;re in for. The classes are harder, the relationships are more real. Sex is a possibility. Drugs and alcohol are definite guests at the party and your strongest relationships aren&#39;t truly what they seem by the end of the year. For unworldly Mia Adams, she&#39;s about to find out what real life lessons are, what it really means to be in high school and more importantly, to become a young adult.


Michael Keller

The passionate and erotic interplay of unexpected love plays out on very different stages in this three novella collection by the author of the time twisting romantic thriller Ghosts in the Heart. Jacob and Elise,Caleb and Hellene,Eric and Karen must all confront the barriers to happiness erected against them by a cruelly indifferent world. Whether their efforts to cling to each other succeed or fail they will all discover that love does not have a single theme. There are variations.

Where Is Wonderland Anyway

Karen Mueller Bryson

In this sharp and sassy Short on Time Book, Karen Mueller Bryson tells the story of a young woman&#39;s ascent from the trailer parks of central Florida to become one of Hollywood&#39;s hottest celebrities. Where is Wonderland Anyway is an exciting tale inspired by the beloved Alice in Wonderland. Alice Sparrow grew up in the trailer parks of central Florida and lived with an abusive boyfriend in the margins of society. When an accident makes Alice the prime suspect in her boyfriend&#39;s murder, she decides to go on the run. The young woman hitches a ride to California with a quirky magician named Lewis, who is on his way to a movie audition, and a tough runaway named Carol, who is searching for the mother who abandoned her. Through a series of unpredictable events, Alice finds herself the star of a major motion picture and one of America&#39;s most wanted criminals.