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The Bell Tolls for No One

Charles Bukowski

A New Side of Buk This collection is fiction only, which sets it apart from the other posthumous Bukowski volumes available from City Lights. These short stories first appeared in pulp magazines, and show the beginnings of Bukowski's mastery in the 40's all the way through the 90's. This collection features genre pieces like science fiction and western stories not usually associated with Bukowski.Previously Unpublished Work and IllustrationTwo of these stories are previously unpublished, and some are from Bukowski's very earliest writings, making this a must-have for any of his millions of readers. This volume also features a dozen original illustrations by Bukowski himself.As Well-Read As EverBukowski's prolific career is astonishing, and these previously uncollected works provide a new glimpse into the chaotic universe of the love him or hate him master, with highly accessible genre stories.Pulp DesignThis book is being printed in a smaller size to make it look more like the pulps where these stories originally appeared, along with a pulp-influenced cover design with an R. Crumb image of Bukowski.