Различные книги в жанре Энциклопедии

Sales Encyclopedia

John Chapin

Sales Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive how-to guide ever written on the subject of selling. This 678 page volume covers all areas of selling in depth and gives specific detail about how to execute. It also covers areas which are not included in any other sales books such as: <br>&bull; Intricate subtleties of rapport building <br>&bull; Making sure everything about you portrays the right image <br>&bull; How to be in line for the job when competitors don&#39;t come through <br>&bull; What testimonials never to show your prospect <br>&bull; How the parking space you choose can make or break the entire sales call <br>&bull; What single bit of information you can give out effortlessly to a prospect that puts you miles ahead of the competition <br>&bull; Subtleties of eye contact that can make or break trust instantly <br><br>The six authors are some of the most highly skilled and experienced salespeople around. They have a combined total of over 141 years of real world selling experience in many industries, in both face-to-face and telemarketing sales. They have been top salespeople in each industry in which they have sold. <br><br>This book contains the key information that can make you a top salesperson, and if you&#39;re already there, this book can make you even better.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Food Issues

Группа авторов

The&nbsp; SAGE Encyclopedia of Food Issues&nbsp; explores the topic of food across multiple disciplines within the social sciences and related areas including business, consumerism, marketing, and environmentalism. In contrast to the existing reference works on the topic of food that tend to fall into the categories of cultural perspectives, this carefully balanced academic encyclopedia focuses on social and policy aspects of food production, safety, regulation, labeling, marketing, distribution, and consumption. &nbsp;A sampling of general topic areas covered includes Agriculture, Labor, Food Processing, Marketing and Advertising, Trade and Distribution, Retail and Shopping, Consumption, Food Ideologies, Food in Popular Media, Food Safety, Environment, Health, Government Policy, and Hunger and Poverty. This encyclopedia &nbsp; introduces students to the fascinating, and at times contentious, and ever-so-vital field involving food issues.&nbsp; Key Features: Contains approximately 500 signed entries&nbsp;concluding with&nbsp;cross-references and suggestions for further readings Organized A-to-Z with a thematic &ldquo;Reader&rsquo;s Guide&rdquo; in the front matter grouping related entries by general topic area Provides&nbsp;a Resource Guide and a detailed and comprehensive Index along with robust search-and-browse functionality&nbsp;in the electronic edition&nbsp; This three-volume reference work will serve as a general, non-technical resource for students and researchers who seek to better understand the topic of food and the issues surrounding it.

That's Different!: Opposites Books for Kids

Speedy Publishing LLC

Understanding the concepts of same and different is essential in honing your child's communication, math and analytic skills. This special book of opposites is especially designed for the young readers. It contains definitions that will challenge your child's reading and comprehensive skills. It also helps improve his/her vocabulary through the introduction of commonly paired words. Mastering these concepts will help your child with his/her math too!

Can I Get an A? Alphabet Book for Preschoolers

Speedy Publishing LLC

The alphabet is the foundation of vocabulary and the written expression of ideas, feelings and emotions. Teaching a young child to recognize a letter from sight entails lots of patience, repetition and of course, a good resource. This valuable alphabet workbook comes with plenty of examples for every letter to leave an impression in your child's brain. Grab a copy today!

This Then That: Opposites Books for Kids

Speedy Publishing LLC

Opposites are among the most important concepts that children need to learn. Knowledge of the subject will allow children to understand words and their meanings, learn to follow directions, provide descriptions and even engage in classroom discussion. Hence, if your child understands the concept of opposites, he/she will become better prepared to excel in both social and academic settings. Buy a copy today!

The Mega Book of Useless Information

Noel Botham

Continuing the sensational success of the Useless Information Series, the Official Useless Information Society bring you another essential compendium of everything you never needed but always wanted to know. If you are a lover of the wonderfully pointless, then this is the book for you.

Bees Knees and Barmy Armies - Origins of the Words and Phrases we Use Every Day

Harry Oliver

Every day we pepper our speech with hundreds of phrases, place names and expressions, but rarely do we think about their origins. If we did, we'd be in for a treat, because the stories behind our sayings are often fascinating, amusing and intriguing. Following on from the bestselling March Hares and Monkeys' Uncles, once again Harry Oliver has delved deep into the history behind hundreds of terms in our endlessly rich language, and produced a tome packed with answers to the questions you might ask about the words and phrases we all use but rarely stop to ponder. From ancient idioms to up-to-the-minute lingo, this book has it all.

Black Cats & April Fools - Origins of Old Wives Tales and Superstitions in Our Daily Lives

Harry Oliver

We have all touched wood to ward off misfortune, or seen a bride throw a bouquet over her head at a wedding, but how often do we stop to think about where such customs come from, or why we still use them? The truth is that behind many of our daily rituals and beliefs lies a fascinating history of weird and wonderful notions, some rational, others fanciful, that provide a rich and entertaining addition to our lives. In this charming and endlessly diverting book, best-selling author Harry Oliver has delved into the stories behind our rich traditions to explain them to us with characteristic wit and flair, in a gem of a volume that will clear up any of the niggling doubts you may have about our everyday beliefs. So before you search for any more four-leaf clovers, worry about the next Friday 13th or tell someone that chocolate will give them spots, dip into this amazing tome and discover the truth about our diverse beliefs so that next time your ear itches you'll know if someone's really talking about you!

Крейсер «Аврора» и ее «систершипы» «Диана» и «Паллада». «Флаг поднять!»

Алексей Скворцов

Легендарный выстрел, подавший сигнал к штурму Зимнего дворца, не только превратил «Аврору» в символ Революции, но и затмил реальную историю этого крейсера и его «систершипов». А ведь их поразительная судьба могла бы стать сюжетом для приключенческого боевика. Знаете ли вы: что имена для крейсеров «Аврора», «Диана» и «Паллада» выбирал лично император Николай II, но на флоте их не любили, давая нелестные прозвища («дашка», «палашка», «сонная богиня», а то и еще хуже); что в Цусимском сражении был смертельно ранен капитан «Авроры», а ее кормовой стяг семь раз сбит осколками, но вновь поднят под ураганным огнем; что потопленная в Порт-Артуре «Паллада» после войны была отремонтирована противником, служила в японском флоте под именем «Цугару» и спустя 20 лет вновь расстреляна в качестве корабля-мишени; что в 1941 году «Аврора» затонула в Ораниенбауме, тяжело поврежденная немецкой артиллерией и авиацией, но снятые с крейсера 130-мм орудия защищали Ленинград от вражеских танков и сражались в окружении до последнего снаряда, а из 165 моряков с этой батареи к своим прорвались лишь 26 человек… Эта книга восстанавливает подлинную историю всех трех бронепалубных крейсеров типа «Диана» (из которых «Аврора» была младшей) – их создания, службы и боевого применения. Коллекционное издание иллюстрировано сотнями эксклюзивных чертежей и фотографий.

Принципы вязания на спицах. Все о вязании в одной книге

Джун Хеммонс Хайатт

Эта книга – настоящая жемчужина мирового вязального сообщества! Вот уже более 20 лет она лежит на столе или стоит на рабочей полке каждой вязальщицы, которая претендует на это звание в полной мере! Неудивительно, ведь это не только самая большая и объемная книга, вмещающая в себя абсолютно все, что нужно знать и понимать о вязании на спицах, это по-настоящему огромный академический труд, написанный настолько просто и понятно, что весь материал книги легко доступен начинающим, желающим научиться вязать. Опытные мастера всегда найдут в книге ответ на любой вопрос, который только может возникнуть, получат совет, какую технику или прием лучше выбрать в том или ином случае и почему, смогут постичь не только все тонкости и секреты мастерства, но и понять принципы, по которым строятся техники и методы. Любой, у кого есть эта книга, сможет стать гуру вязания, а потом обязательно передаст ее своим детям и внукам. Впервые книга была выпущена еще в прошлом веке, а потом автор дорабатывала и переписывала ее более десяти лет! Теперь второе издание, переработанное и дополненное современными приемами и техниками, доступно и россиийским читателям!