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Фильмы о Великой Отечественной вой-не. Художественные (игровые) кинофильмы СССР и России 1941–2019 гг. Хроникально-документальные кинофильмы СССР 1941–1945 гг.

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В настоящем издании представлен перечень игровых и хроникально-документальных фильмов СССР и России о Великой Отечественной войне. В формате PDF A4 сохранен издательский макет.

На экране – история Отечества. Исторические фильмы России и СССР 1908–2019 гг.

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В настоящем издании представлен перечень игровых исторических фильмов России и СССР, снятых с 1908 по 2019 год. В формате PDF A4 сохранен издательский макет.

Англо-русский русско-английский словарь с транскрипцией

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Словарь содержит около 9,5 тыс. слов в обеих частях и около 13 тыс. наиболее употребительных словосочетаний. Все заголовочные слова и примеры в англо-русской части снабжены современной транскрипцией. Все переводы значений и примеров в русско-английской части также снабжены транскрипцией. Помимо словаря в книге помещена краткая грамматика английского языка, что позволит школьникам поддерживать свои знания грамматики на должном уровне. Словарь предназначен для всех, кто изучает английский язык как самостоятельно, так и с преподавателем или на курсах.

Collins Gem

Collins Dictionaries

You will never be lost for words in your travels around Spain and the Spanish islands again! Your ideal travel companion will ensure that you can say what you need in Spanish with ease and confidence.Reliable and easy-to-use, this phrasebook is an indispensable travel companion as you deal with the situations that crop up every day on holiday; from finding a chic hotel, or hiring a car to explore the countryside, to choosing a local delicacy from the menu, and, of course, setting up your wifi.With helpful travel information and cultural tips, plus a 3000-word dictionary, make sure you don’t go anywhere without this little ebook – an essential guide to speaking and understanding Spanish when travelling in Spain and the Spanish islands.

Handbook of Industrial Mixing

Suzanne Kresta M.

Handbook of Industrial Mixing will explain the difference and uses of a variety of mixers including gear mixers, top entry mixers, side entry mixers, bottom entry mixers, on-line mixers, and submerged mixers The Handbook discusses the trade-offs among various mixers, concentrating on which might be considered for a particular process. Handbook of Industrial Mixing explains industrial mixers in a clear concise manner, and also: * Contains a CD-ROM with video clips showing different type of mixers in action and a overview of their uses. * Gives practical insights by the top professional in the field. * Details applications in key industries. * Provides the professional with information he did receive in school

Who Do You Think You Are? Encyclopedia of Genealogy: The definitive reference guide to tracing your family history

Nick Barratt

(This edition does not include illustrations.)Covering all access levels, from the new beginner to the more experienced researcher, the Encyclopedia of Genealogy is a comprehensive master class in solving the mysteries of your personal heritage.Beginning with advice on the very first steps, before providing a detailed explanation of the range of sources you will encounter when trying to flesh out your ancestor's lives.The Encyclopedia is divided into sections, each a fascinating standalone reference article so that you can easily pick and mix the relevant information according to the route your journey through your family history takes you.The Encyclopedia of Genealogy guides you through:• Getting started, including research planning, sources, how to construct a family tree and working online• Going further, combining historical context (from military history to migration and family secrets) with practical advice on sources• Troubleshooting the most common problems such as common surnames and missing ancestors• Surname databases• Use of DNA such as DNA profiling services• Organisational tools such as designing a website and information about software and community projects.Everything you need to bring alive your family tree.

Scots Dictionary: The perfect wee guide to the Scots language

Collins Dictionaries

This is by far the most popular guide to the language of today’s Scotland, with nearly 1800 everyday words and phrases from the Borders, Lowlands, Highlands and Islands clearly explained and with lots of helpful examples of usage. With its durable and eye-catching cover, this is a must for every bookshelf!

Трейдинг. Основы для начинающих. Главные правила

Саймон Дуглас

Книга посвящена основам трейдинга (совершения операций по покупке и продаже активов на финансовых рынках). В ней мы рассмотрим такие вопросы, как стать биржевым трейдером, что такое валютный рынок, рынок производных инструментов, что необходимо знать для начала торговли на бирже и многое другое. Эта книга – настоящий клад для новичков, которая даст самые подробные ответы на все интересующие вас вопросы.

New York, Year by Year

Jeffrey A. Kroessler

Winner, The New York Public Library, Best of Reference Award, 2002 If any city deserves a complete chronology, it is surely New York. New York, Year by Year is a cornucopia of the familiar and the forgotten, the historic and the ephemeral, the heroic and the banal. In this handy reference work, Jeffrey A. Kroessler takes us from Verrazano's arrival in 1524 into the new millennium, highlighting the strikes and strikeouts, tunnels and towers, personalities and parades which not only made history in New York, but also proved to be defining moments for the nation. New York, Year by Year features events such as Mark Twain's first lecture at Cooper Union, and the letter he later wrote when the Brooklyn Public Library tried to restrict access to Huckleberry Finn . In contrast, we are reminded of the publication in the 1950s of Eloise, A Book for Precocious Grown-Ups , Kay Thompson's fanciful tale of a little girl's adventures in the Plaza Hotel, the appearance of the Beat Generation, and the flight (literally) of the Dodgers and Giants to California. New York, Year by Year chronicles the opening of Shea Stadium in April 1964 and the performance by the Beatles there that August. The Sixties also saw the opening of The Fantastiks , which is still running on Sullivan Street, and the closing of Steeplechase, the last of the great amusement parks at Coney Island. And this chronology makes sure we don't forget when Kitty Genovese was murdered in Kew Gardens and her cries for help were left unanswered because her neighbors "didn't want to get involved." Kroessler leads us on a tour of the city from its first settlers until the November 2001 election of a new mayor for the new millennium. From the colonial era and the Revolution through the Gilded Age and the Roaring Twenties, Kroessler has compiled a record of cultural, economic, political, and social events. Some are of transient importance, others of lasting significance, but all illuminate the city's fascinating history.

Exploring Context in Information Behavior

Naresh Kumar Agarwal

The field of human information behavior runs the gamut of processes from the realization of a need or gap in understanding, to the search for information from one or more sources to fill that gap, to the use of that information to complete a task at hand or to satisfy a curiosity, as well as other behaviors such as avoiding information or finding information serendipitously. Designers of mechanisms, tools, and computer-based systems to facilitate this seeking and search process often lack a full knowledge of the context surrounding the search. This context may vary depending on the job or role of the person; individual characteristics such as personality, domain knowledge, age, gender, perception of self, etc.; the task at hand; the source and the channel and their degree of accessibility and usability; and the relationship that the seeker shares with the source. Yet researchers have yet to agree on what context really means. While there have been various research studies incorporating context, and biennial conferences on context in information behavior, there lacks a clear definition of what context is, what its boundaries are, and what elements and variables comprise context. In this book, we look at the many definitions of and the theoretical and empirical studies on context, and I attempt to map the conceptual space of context in information behavior. I propose theoretical frameworks to map the boundaries, elements, and variables of context. I then discuss how to incorporate these frameworks and variables in the design of research studies on context. We then arrive at a unified definition of context. This book should provide designers of search systems a better understanding of context as they seek to meet the needs and demands of information seekers. It will be an important resource for researchers in Library and Information Science, especially doctoral students looking for one resource that covers an exhaustive range of the most current literature related to context, the best selection of classics, and a synthesis of these into theoretical frameworks and a unified definition. The book should help to move forward research in the field by clarifying the elements, variables, and views that are pertinent. In particular, the list of elements to be considered, and the variables associated with each element will be extremely useful to researchers wanting to include the influences of context in their studies.