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Dark Ransom

Sara Craven

Mills & Boon proudly presents THE SARA CRAVEN COLLECTION. Sara’s powerful and passionate romances have captivated and thrilled readers all over the world for five decades making her an international bestseller.DARK RANSOMCaptive brideCharlie Graham had come thousands of miles across the world – the Amazon promised excitement, adventure and new hope. But she hadn't counted on being kidnapped by one of Brazil's richest rubber planters, Riago da Santana, and held in his castle!Of course, the kidnapping was a misunderstanding, and nobody could have predicted the torrential rains that flooded the river, stranding everybody. But that hadn't stopped the black sheep of the Santana family from sweeping Charlie away. He seduced her, awakened her senses and demanded she become his bride!

Cruel Legacy


Penny Jordan is an award-winning New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of more than 200 books with sales of over 100 million copies. We have celebrated her wonderful writing with a special collection of her novels, many of which are available for the first time in eBook right now.One man's life has come to an end, but for those left behind, it's just the beginning. Especially for four women….Philippa – Stripped of her wealth and social standing, Philippa must prove to everyone – and to herself – that she is a woman who can stand alone.Sally – Faced with mounting family pressures that alienate her from her husband, Sally finds herself tempted by another man.Elizabeth – Torn by her need to support her husband and her emerging desire for independence, Elizabeth battles to come into her own.Deborah – Her new promotion leaves her to deal with a jealous lover and a ruthless boss – forcing her to take a hard look at the future.

Coast Guard Sweetheart

Lisa Carter

Second Chance SailorWhen Coast Guard officer Sawyer Kole is stationed again in Kiptohanock, Virginia, he's ready to prove to Honey Duer that he's a changed man—and the right man for her. But it's not smooth sailing when a hurricane blows their way.To save the family inn she's restored to perfection, Honey will ride out the storm. But can she handle the turbulence of seeing Sawyer again? Years ago he walked away, taking her dreams of love. Now as Hurricane Zelda barrels down, Honey may have no choice but to trust Sawyer to save her life and—just maybe—her heart.

Caught In His Gilded World

Lucy Ellis

The show must go on…For burlesque dancer Gigi Valente, L’Oiseau Bleu is not just a cabaret club and a job…it’s the only home she’s ever known. She won’t let new owner Khaled Kitaev destroy it – even if her body does tremble in his magnificent presence…Though he admires her passion, Khaled believes Gigi is just another gold-digger. But when her attempts to get his attention are caught on camera, the powerful Russian must usher Gigi into his world. With Gigi at his side, Khaled finds his womanising reputation is down and his stock is up! But how long can he keep this free-spirited bird in his gilded cage?

Bound by a Baby Bump

Ellie Darkins

Nine months to change her life…PA Rachel Archer has every little bit of her life planned down to the letter – it’s the only way she can feel safe. Until gorgeous artist Leo Fairfax tempts her to live on the wild side, just for one night…That night changes both their lives for ever, when they discover Rachel’s pregnant! Now, bound by their beloved baby bump, lone wolf Leo must convince Rachel that not only is he here to stay, but he’s dedicated to winning her heart!

Bought: For His Convenience or Pleasure?

Maggie Cox

The unwillingly wedded wife Wealthy magnate Nikolai Golitsyn was on the verge of seducing Ellie. But then tragedy struck and she was blamed for the death of his brother – in his bed was the last place he wanted her. Confused and humiliated, Ellie fled. Five years on, Nikolai’s orphaned niece needs a mother, and he’s tracked down Ellie to fill the role.But this time around Nikolai intends to enjoy all the delights he denied himself previously: he’ll give Ellie no choice but to become his unwillingly wedded wife!

Best Friend to Wife and Mother?

Caroline Anderson

Stepping out of the ‘friend' zone…Leo Zaccharelli is a gorgeous TV chef, but to Amy Driver he’s just her best friend. Yet when he saves her from a disastrous near miss down the aisle, Amy escapes to Tuscany with Leo and his adorable baby daughter, Ella. Spending time with this beautiful little family, that has suffered so much tragedy after Leo’s wife’s death, opens Amy’s eyes to the joys of being a mother…and a wife!Now she’s seen Leo in a whole new light, can their friendship lead to forever…?

Beauty and The Beastly Rancher

Judy Christenberry

Like her very own knight in shining armor, rancher Joe Crawford emerged from the mist to rescue Anna Pointer from a desperate situation. Widowed and raising two children alone, Anna could not refuse Joe's offer of assistance, though she was determined to ignore her attraction for the wealthy bachelor.A man of few words, Joe had always kept to himself. But Anna claimed to see beyond his beastly demeanor, giving this solitary man hope that a happily-ever-after was within his grasp…if only he dared to risk all that he was and become the prince this beauty believed him to be.

Australian Dreams

Fiona McCallum

From The Rugged Beauty of Australia Comes a Story of Love and Hope…Claire McIntyre needs to remember what really makes her happy when tragedy and the loss of her job throw her into turmoil. Soon Claire finds herself back at the very place she’s been running from – the family property. A place where reputations are hard won and easily lost, and where fortune is as fickle as the weather.Here, in the rugged Adelaide Hills, Claire starts to rebuild her life with her friends, her father and his beloved racehorses – including one really promising horse. But, just as she begins to find happiness and perhaps even love, fate comes to call.Now Claire must decide whether to risk it all on her newfound passion…

Angels Don't Cry

Amanda Stevens

Over her dead body…Angel Lowell's twin sister, Aiden, always got what she wanted–including Angel's boyfriend, Drew Maitland, lock, stock–and marriage… Now Aiden is dead, and Drew and Angel have returned to Crossfield, Texas, to save the small town they had all once called home. It might be time for Angel to forgive the past…and live for the future…The ten years apart have only deepened Drew's need, and he has vowed that this time Angel will be his. But even if he can convince Angel to take a second chance on him, something–or someone–is determined to keep them apart. How can he protect the woman he loves from an evil they can't even see?Previously published.