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Bird-Friendly Nest Boxes & Feeders

Paul Meisel

· Learn to create the perfect backyard bird environment · Includes 12 complete plans for building easy and practical bird-welcoming structures with easy-to-follow instructions and photography · Every project is designed to create the most natural bird environment possible · Also included are insightful tips on keeping squirrels away, understanding the proper dimensions for a birdhouse, choosing the right seed, keeping feather visitors happy, and so much more · Woodworkers from beginner to expert will find projects appropriate for their skill level

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Book of Whittling

Chris Lubkemann

This book combines the #1 Pocket Knife Brand with the #1 Best-Selling Whittling Author. Fox Chapel’s sales of Chris Lubkemann’s whittling books are over $1 million, and his The Little Book of Whittling alone has sold 130,000 units. Consumers all over the world recognize the iconic cross-and-shield logo of the Victorinox «original Swiss Army knife,» and U.S. consumers purchase more than 7 million Swiss Army knives every year. Anyone who carries a Swiss Army knife in his pocket is a potential buyer of this book.

Making Wooden Puzzle Playsets

Carolea Hower

This book offers woodworking fun for carvers, scroll sawers, and wood burners. These highly imaginative projects are perfect for either display or gifts. Each project can be completed in just one weekend. Includes full-size patterns, step-by-step photos, material/tool lists, and painting guides.

Carving Deer

Desiree Hajny

In this handy reference guide, award-winning woodcarver Desiree Hajny reveals her artistic approach to carving majestic white-tailed deer. Desiree is well known for her lifelike, richly detailed animal carvings. Now she shares her knowledge and carving secrets with aspiring woodcarvers in this handy reference guide. Carving Deer offers ready-to-use carving patterns for making beautifully realistic bucks, does, and fawns. Clear reference photos provide inspiring views of deer from all angles, and color-coded anatomy sketches help the reader to understand how they move. The author offers expert tips for carving challenging details like eyes, nose, and mouth, along with texturing, painting, and finishing techniques.

Making Jewelry with a French Knitter

Carol Porter

This new book offers an easy, fun way to learn to use the versatile French knitter. You'll develop advanced skills with this amazing tool as you combine beads with yarn, stretchy cord, monofilament or embroidery thread to create simple yet elegant jewelry and accessories.

Crochet Bouquet

Cony Larsen

If you love to work on projects that are quick and easy to finish, this colorful idea book is for you. 38 easy-to-crochet patterns include super easy-don't make me think!-illustrated step-by-step instructions. Get inspired to make baby beanies and headbands with this gathering of original one-of-a-kind designs. Sweeten your baby's blankets, shoes, and sweaters with crochet flowers, or use them to add an accent wherever you want.

Learn to Burn

Simon Easton

This easy-to-learn introduction to the art of pyrography offers fourteen step-by-step projects for making decorative gifts–from coasters and picture frames to bangles, decorative plates, and door hangers–illustrated with clear how-to photographs. Each pyro project can be completed using ready-made materials that are easy to find at your local craft store. Fifty bonus patterns will allow you to unleash your creativity on hundreds of additional woodburning projects.

Friendship Bracelets 101

Suzanne McNeill

Easy-To-Follow Instructions For Knotted Bracelets With Embroidery Floss. Colorful Bracelets Are Fun For Kids And Teens.

Fantastic Book of Canes, Pipes, and Walking Sticks, 3rd Edition

Harry Ameredes

Fabulous pen and ink sketches showcase a wide variety of canes, staffs and pipes along with carving tips and notes.

Illustrated Guide to Sewing: Couture Techniques

Colleen Dorsey

Learn the timeless skills and techniques of sewing designer quality fashions, and creating one of a kind, custom fitted pieces that have shape, strength and beauty.